Monday, May 30, 2011

Versatile Blogger Awards and my lack of a clue...

Last night my Food-Blogger buddy Sandra from Sweet Sensations  honored me by sharing the Versatile Blogger Award with me.  As I was reading her post and thanking her it dawned on me that I made a big mistake earlier this month.  A few weeks back my Food-Blogger buddy Anne of From My Sweet Heart shared the Versatile Blogger Award to me and I was very happy to receive it, but totally clueless!  I didn't realize that I was to pass it on as well.  Can we all say a big resounding "DUH?"!!  So here I am very humbly trying to make up for my mistake and make amends.

First of all I have to tell you that Sandra and Anne are both wonderful Food-Blogger buddies.  They have been  very supportive and encouraging of my blog.  It is the support I get from my foodie friends that makes me keep plugging away at this blog and not just think I'm talking to myself and asking... "is anyone listening".  These two women are both very sweet, especially since they both are Dessert and Baking Gurus.  Most of you know, I am the self professed box cake and no bake dessert queen. But after seeing the baking chops of these two sweet ladies, it has given me the drive to overcome my baking fears.   So, thank you Sandra and Anne for sharing the Versatile Blogger award with means so much!

So now that I finally got a CLUE, I shall honor the acceptance of the award by sharing 7 things about me and  passing the award on to 15 new or newly discovered blogs.  Here are my 7 things you may not know about me. 

1.  I love to travel.  I have too many places on my bucket list to list every place I want to go.  But if I won a lottery I would be packing by bags tomorrow.  

2. I cannot go on boats (with the exception of Huge Cruise-liners) without getting sea-sick.  I couldn't even go snorkeling on my honeymoon because I was so queasy from the boat ride out to the snorkeling spot....not very romantic.

3.  If I had a super power, I would love to travel from one place to another with a blink of an eye.  Yes, I watched too much Bewitched and I Dream of Jeanie growing up.

4.  My favorite childhood actress/singer is........ Doris Day.  I know you didn't think that on would come up. My mother loved Doris Day movies (especially the ones with Rock Hudson).  I used to watch them with her and I became a little obsessed.  I loved her songs so much. that I know most of them by heart.  I mean, who could say they don't like "Que Sera, Sera"

5.  I have watched All My Children (an American Soap Opera) for almost 25 years.  Yes, I would love to say I was in diapers when I started watching it, but I was actually a teen.

6. My favorite flower is Sunflowers.  I love how cheery and happy they are.  You cannot feel sad when you see one.  My kitchen is sunny yellow and I have a sunflower theme.

7. Growing up I didn't like desserts.  I always said no thanks when there was birthday cake, ice cream, etc....  But now I am a sweet-aholic.  It should have worked in the reverse because my metabolism was a lot better when I was a kid. 

Next I would like share this award with....

I wish I could share this award with every foodie that has come to Curry and Comfort and given me words of support.  It is hard to pick only 15, but here goes.

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