Thursday, May 30, 2013

Oreo Cheesecake Trifles (Throwback Thursdays)

Original 2012 Photo
I am doing something a little different this Throwback Thursday.  I actually made this dessert back in February 2012 for the blog, but I never posted it because I disliked the photos. I had been blogging for a year by this point so I was more critical of my photos.  I actually made an icebox cake rather than a trifle originally so the picture you see to the side is the icebox cake with the same ingredients in the trifle.   It tasted great, but the photos were not the best.  I realize, even now, that it is very hard to photograph black and white desserts that are cold and in glass due to condensation. So I am not thrilled with the new photos as much, but they are better than my original photos.    I decided to make three different sizes for the trifle.  The small dessert shot (my new obsession) shown above, the individual trifle below and the full party size trifle at the bottom of the post.  I made these desserts the night before a party and could not take my photos until the next day.  So I warned my husband and kids that they were not to touch any of the desserts.   Of course they were all dying to eat these and the kids were literally pacing back and forth while I took my photos.  They loved each and every bite... so I am glad the dessert was worth the wait. :)

1 package of Oreo cookies (about 36 Oreos)
1 large box (5.1oz) of instant vanilla  or two (3.4oz) boxes prepared per instructions
1 (8oz) brick of cream at room temperature
2 (8oz) tubs Cool Whip


Whip cream cheese until smooth with electric mixer.  Then add the instant pudding and milk to make pudding and mix with cream cheese.  Fold in 1 tub of whipped topping.

Crush Oreo cookies in food processor (leave a few for garnish).    To make trifles, layer cookie and custard mixture alternately.   I suggest making the Oreo layer thinner and the custard layer more because it will balance better in flavor. Finish with whipped topping.

You can make three different sizes with these trifles (shot glass, individual serving and large party size trifle bowl).

 If you decide to make the larger trifle, leave some whole Oreo cookies to put a layer of Oreos in the middle of the trifle and garnish with whole Oreos.   Chill for 4-6 hours or overnight before serving. Enjoy.

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