Sunday, August 2, 2015

Thai Red Curry Chicken


I love Sri Lankan Chicken Curry.  Unfortunately, when you make it, you must also make a few other curries to go with it.  Now stir fry curries... they are a lot easier.  One curry and rice is a perfect meal.  

So when I bought a big pack of boneless chicken thighs, I knew that a quick stir fry style curry was in my future.  I made this curry with the help of some prepared store bought red curry paste and it came together in less than 30 minutes.  

I am not always a big fan of prepared curry pastes.  I have even made my own red curry paste in the past, but this time I took the chance on some red curry paste from the store.  I can't complain with the results because it was really good.  Maybe I don't have to always make it from scratch after all. 

I topped the final dish with some sliced jalapenos and green onion and lunch was on the table.

2 1/2 pounds of chicken cut into large chunks
salt and black pepper to season chicken
2-3 carrots peeled and cut into sticks
1 large white onion chopped
1 large bunch of green onions (scallions)
1 piece of lemongrass (gently smashed)
1 pandan leaf
1 Tbs grated fresh ginger
1 Tbs grated fresh garlic
2 heaping tablespoons of red curry paste (I used Thai Kitchen)
red chili flakes (to taste and this is optional)
2-3 Tbs fish sauce (to taste)
1/2 cup up to 1 cup water
1 tsp lime juice
1 cup coconut milk 

lime wedges
sliced jalapenos

Cut chicken into large chunks.  I used boneless and skinless chicken thigh pieces.  Then in a large pan or wok, heat 3-4 Tbs canola oil until hot on medium-high heat.  Add chunks of chicken and allow to brown well then season with a little salt and black pepper. Cook for about 7-9 minutes.
Next add the onion, carrots, white part of green onion (reserve the greens until later), pandan leaf and lemongrass.  You want to gently crush or smash the lemongrass before adding it into the pan. Saute for 3-5 minutes with the chicken.  

Then add the ginger and garlic and saute for another 2 minutes.  Next add the red curry paste and fry with the chicken and the oil for a minute.

Then add the water.  The water depends on how much gravy you like.  Use 1/2 cup for less gravy in the curry or 1 cup for more gravy.  I added one cup of water.  Also add a tsp of lime juice and the fish sauce.   The fish sauce is the main "salt" in the dish so add this to taste.  Cook curry for 10 minutes.

 Once carrots are fork tender, lower the heat of the stove to low and add coconut milk and the tops of the green onions.  Simmer for 2-3 minutes.  

Taste for salt and spice and adjust as needed.  

Serve with hot rice.  Garnish with more green onions, sliced jalapeno and lime wedges.  Enjoy.

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