Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cheese Fondue

I love interactive meals and so do my kids.  What better way to get kids to eat a lot of veggies than to put a bowl full of melted cheese in front of them to dunk and dip.   

Cheese Fondue is a Swiss dish of melted cheese eaten with pieces of vegetables, meat and bread skewered on a long stemmed fork. This is fun interactive meal that became popular in the United States around the 1960's and 1970's. 

These days Fondue Parties are a fun retro way of entertaining your guests.  It's a great way to enjoy some fun at your New Year's Eve party.

1 cup white wine (dry)
1Tbs all-purpose flour or cornstarch
10 ounces sharp Cheddar shredded
10 ounces Swiss Cheese shredded
1Tbs of lemon juice
one clove of garlic

Note:  If you would like to avoid the white wine, substitute it for some chicken broth.

Assorted Dippers:
Blanched Vegetables (see note):  Broccoli, Carrots, Cauliflower, etc...
Cubed bread:  French, Sourdough or Pumpernickel etc...
Slice Apples
Cubed cooked meat like chicken, ham, pork, beef and lamb

Note: To blanch vegetables bring a pot of water to boil and allow vegetables to cook for 2 minutes.  Then immediately put them in a bowl of ice and water to stop the cooking process.  Drain well before serving.


Step 1: Rub garlic on the bottom and sides of a pan and discard.  
Step 2:  In the pan you rubbed the garlic, bring wine and lemon juice to a gentle simmer.  
Step 3:  Toss your cheese with the flour/cornstarch and then add to your heated wine and stir in figure 8's until the cheese melts and the mixture is smooth.    4. Pour into fondue pot and serve.

  Serves 4

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