Monday, December 29, 2014

Cherry Brownie Bites (Two Ingredients Dessert)


There are only a few more days of 2014 left!  Where has the year gone?  Are you ready for 2015?  Do you make New Year's Resolutions?  Yes, I am full of questions as the year comes to an end. 

Well, I made a resolution last year to try to make more dishes that are not in my comfort zone.. like baking more, making bread, doughs, etc..  So how did I do? Sad to say, I did not make it. I did make a batch of biscuits (never done that before), but other than that, I failed my resolution. So this year... no resolutions!  Maybe then I won't put the pressure on myself and I will actually do it.  

So today I did bake, but it's from a box.  Hey, never put down a good box of cake or brownie mix.  It's done all the work for you and it's quick and easy.  I have heard some of the best cooks say they have used a box mix from time to time in a pinch.  

So if you have a house full of guests coming for a party, these little bites make a perfect dessert treat. They are a snap to make and they look so cute all lined up on a tray. 

Hope your New Year is off to a great start!  


Mix brownie mix according to package directions.  Spray a mini muffin tin well with cooking spray and fill the muffin wells 3/4 full with brownie batter.  Then add a small spoonful of cherry pie filling in each well.  Bake according to brownie package directions for 12-15 minutes or brownie is set.  

Optional drizzle:  Melt 1/3 cup chocolate chips in the microwave until you can drizzle with a fork over each bite. Enjoy.

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