Sunday, December 7, 2014

Curry and Comfort's Weekly Sunday Summary 12/01/14 thru 12/07/14


Happy Sunday Everyone!

Christmas Cookie Party

Can you have a Christmas Cookie hangover?  LOL!  No, I didn't gorge my head off on cookies... but my family did have a big Christmas Cookie Party last night and I am so tired today that it even hurts to type this morning.   

It was all worth it because all the kids had a blast decorating the cookies and eating some of course.  Actually, the two that had the most fun in decorating the cookies was my mother and my sister.  They even competed in who could decorate the best cookie cut- outs. 

I was busy manning the oven, but I was also busy taking photos and enjoying all the chaos.  So of course we did get one batch a little crispier than desired.  Luckily they were still tasty. 

I think I will need a week of rest to get back into the kitchen to bake the next batch of Christmas cookies!

Christmas Cake
This week I will be sharing with you my Sri Lankan Christmas cake recipe that my mother and I came up with together.  We literally worked for several weekends because we also made  a lot of our own ingredients that traditional go into the cake.  Most of the ingredients that we made are usually are store bought in Sri Lanka, but since we didn't have access to those products here in the United States we reinvented them for ourselves.   

So if you're interest in Sri Lankan Christmas cake or any very rich fruit cake... you will want to stay tune.  Now here is my week in review...

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