Sunday, May 31, 2015

Curry and Comfort's Weekly Sunday Summary 5/25/15 thru 5/31/15


Happy Sunday Everyone!
 Well, we made it... we're half way through 2015!  In some ways the year has just flown by and in other ways (winter) it has been long.   I hope next winter is a little more mild and not has harsh.  I would love to have a winter that I can actually enjoy.  No more below freezing arctic winds and piles of snow and ice.  Just a nice mild, sunny winter.... now that I can deal with.

Summer is on the way and I am excited because the kids only have 3 more weeks of school.   What I am most excited about is that I can take a nice long break from packing their lunchboxes.  I don't know why I dislike it so much, but I do.  I try to always provide them with a healthy sandwich or pasta in their lunch thermos, fruit, water, something crunchy like carrots or pretzels and a small "treat".  The problem is they usually get bored with all of my tricks and options by the first month and then it's an endless game of trying to keep them excited for lunch. Yes, I can use a break from that and I would much rather cook them a "hot" lunch at home everyday so I don't have to hear any whining. 

The kids are simply excited about getting a nice long break from school and not having to get up so early.  I get up the same time every day, no matter what time of the year it is...  you have to do that when you have pets.  Their schedule never changes.  

Okay, now onto my week in review....

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