Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sausage, Pepper and Onion Pasta

 Here's another meal that started off in one direction and ended up as this fantastic pasta dish. I was prepared to make homemade chicken sausage (with ground chicken) and serve it with peppers and onions on bread for dinner.  When My husband asked me what's for dinner I told him sausage subs... he then gave a sad face and said he wished it could be pasta. Well, who am I not to make a wish come true... pasta it is then. I quickly boiled some rigatoni pasta and changed my game plan. It was not difficult and I was certainly glad I did.  This pasta ranks up there as one of our favorite all time pastas. My son has already asked (and wished) for it again. So I guess I have to make another wish come true.

1lb of pasta cooked to al dente
1lb of ground chicken (or turkey)
1 large onion sliced
1 yellow, red or orange bell pepper sliced
2-3 cloves of garlic grated
red chili flakes to taste
1 tsp of fennel seeds
1 tsp of poultry seasoning
1 tsp of paprika powder
1 tsp of onion powder
salt and black pepper to taste
1 cup of pasta water from boiling pasta
1 cup of bottled spaghetti sauce
1Tbs of canola oil

Step 1: boil pasta until al dente. Reserve 1 cup of pasta water before draining pasta.  Step 2: Heat pasta ban with oil on medium heat. Add garlic, onions and peppers. Saute for 1-2 minutes. Then add the seasoning and saute for 30 seconds.

Add the ground chicken and brown and saute with all the other ingredients.  When the chicken is browned enough add the spaghetti sauce and the reserved pasta water. Simmer for 1 minute.

Add pasta and toss well. Cook for another 3-4 minutes and taste for seasoning. Serve hot. Enjoy.

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