Sunday, June 23, 2013

Curry and Comfort's Weekly Sunday Summary 06/10/13 thru 6/23/13

   Hi Everyone,

I am actually doing a two week summary this Sunday since I did a special post for Father's Day last weekend.  A lot has been happening here... school is officially out so you know the chaos has ensued.  It's getting a little crazy to cook and do blogging while refereeing those lovely sibling fights between my two young kids and still trying to do all the other stuff I need to get done to keep my household running.  It's been a few days of adjustment.... hope it all smooths out this week.

I also held a two giveaways that were sponsored by Good Cook kitchen products.  I have notified all the winners of both the Veggie Keeper giveaway and the Sandwich Kit giveaway.  I am looking forward to working with Good Cook again to help promote more of their wonderful and useful kitchen products.

Now here's my two weeks in review....


Sri Lankan Coconut Roti (Flat Bread)

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