Sunday, April 12, 2015

Curry and Comfort's Weekly Sunday Summary 4/06/15 thru 4/12/15


Happy Sunday Everyone!

Are we already in the middle of April?  I am still laughing at my April Fool's Day jokes and here we are a few days away from the middle of the month.  The next few weeks will be filled with birthdays in my family and hopefully some real spring weather! 

Mother Nature is taking her own sweet time with bringing on the  spring weather 100%.  So far we have had some cool weather days mixed in with a smattering of nice spring days.  We never know how to dress anymore because sometimes you need a winter coat, a spring jacket or a short sleeve shirt.... sometimes all in the same day. 

The best thing this week was looking through my kitchen window and seeing our Japanese Plum tree flowering in full bloom.  The sad thing is it only looks like this for about a week or two and then the blooms disappear and the purple leaves pop out.  I have only tasted one plum from this tree because a band of squirrels eat the entire tree of plums in a matter of a week.  I wonder if they are rubbing their little belly's with satisfaction by stealing my plums?  Actually, they are sour plums so I don't mind letting them go to the squirrels.  I hope it makes them plum happy! :)

This week I plan to post a lot of great veggie curries so stick around and check them out.   Have a great week.  Now here is my week in review...


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