Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Frozen Banana Pudding Dessert

 It's really hot these days.  100 degree days with heat index of 105 is more than I can handle.  So when my nieces and nephews came over for dinner I knew a frozen dessert would be a perfect ending to any meal.  I was right.  This frozen banana pudding was a hit.   It took a few minutes to put together with some store bought ingredients and I let the freezer do the rest of the work.

1/2 gallon of vanilla ice cream
5.6oz box of banana flavored instant pudding
2 cups of cold milk
2-3 bananas sliced or diced
1 large box of Nilla (vanilla) wafer cookies
1 tub of cool whip

* You will need a container is freezer-friendly.

Melt the ice cream for a few minutes (about 2) in the microwave.  You want it almost "soupy".  Then add your pudding and 2 cups of milk.  Stir in some chopped fresh bananas and 1/2 a tub of cool whip topping.  You can keep the other half for garnish.   It will look like a soupy mess, but don't worry it will all re-freeze.
Start with a layer of wafer cookies.
Pour a 1/3 of the soupy ice cream/pudding mixture over the first layer of cookies and repeat the cookies on top.  Then repeat with the ice cream mixture and the cookies again.  End with a final layer of the ice cream/pudding mixture.  ** you will have three layer of cookies and three layers of ice cream/pudding mixture.
Allow the dessert to sit in the freezer overnight until it is set.  Take out of the freezer for 10-15 minutes before serving to thaw just a bit so it is easy to serve.

Garnish with more sliced bananas and cool whip topping.  Enjoy.

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