Sunday, September 14, 2014

Curry and Comfort's Weekly Sunday Summary 9/8/14 thru 9/14/14


 Happy Sunday Everyone!

Didn't September just start, how are we already in the middle of the the month?  I am still hanging onto the end of summer with my fingernails and trying not to let it go... but fall is quickly approaching.  The hot weather we had the last two weeks is over and now we are in full swing with the autumn breeze cooling things off.

Of course, don't get me wrong,  I love autumn.  It's my second favorite season (spring being #1).  I love the smells... the colors, the holidays and the food of the fall.    But I am still not ready to give up summer so easily.  I don't want 40 degree days to be lurking in my future.  I don't want all the leaves to be fallen from the trees and the skies to be gray.  I most of all don't want to give up my herbs and garden outside.

 If it could stay in the 60-70's year around that would be my heaven on earth.   I was driving my son on an errand the other day and the weather was beyond perfect.  I had the windows down and I told my son to smell the air and just feel the weather on his skin and appreciate it.  He of course looked at me like I was daft and went on looking out the window at the cars driving by.    He's more concerned with the first few weeks of school and homework.  Youth..

Before you know it and blink.. it will be October.  I guess it's time to dig out the Halloween stuff out of the garage.    Well, here is my week in review to give you some summer to hold onto for a little bit longer..

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