Friday, April 25, 2014

Doughnut Strawberry Shortcakes


 I was reading Everyday with Rachael Ray last summer when I came across this marvelous idea to use cake style doughnuts as the base for a strawberry shortcake. Of course it was towards the end of summer so I "bookmarked" the idea in my head until  summery weather and strawberries were in season.  Now that spring is here, I had to showcase this wonderful treat.  My kids went crazy over this idea.  I mean a doughnut is pretty darn tempting to begin with.. but put some whipped cream and strawberries with it and you have a treat and a half.   I have a feeling we will be eating a lot of shortcake this summer. 

 I even made them with chocolate kids loved both.

Cake style doughnuts (glazed, chocolate etc...)
fresh strawberries sliced
whipped cream (lightly sweetened) - I used COOL Whip.

Get all ingredients prepped.  Slice doughnut through the center and top with some whipped cream and sliced strawberries.  Repeat on top.  Enjoy. 


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