Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Strawberry and Yogurt Popsicles

Made these again this weekend.  Yum!

In June of 2012 I wrote:  The kids and I are still having a lot of fun with our popsicle molds. I can't believe I waited until this summer to get some molds.  We have certainly made up for lost time. I also can't believe that I ever wasted my money on store-bought popsicles when making them fresh at home with our own ingredients is so much better.  I left the strawberries in these popsicles a bit chunky so you could actually get the texture of strawberries while you ate them. These are not the melt on your mouth only popsicles... I think we definitely wanted to bite into these and eat the bits of strawberries. 

1 cups of fresh strawberries
1/2 cup of yogurt (plain, flavored)
2 cups of Tropical Juice Punch like Splash Juice
sugar, sweetener or honey to taste if needed

In a blender, mix the yogurt, sweetener and juice until smooth.  Then add the cleaned strawberries and pulse several times so there are bits of strawberry chunks to give texture to the popsicle.  Pour into molds (or dixie cups covered in foil with a popsicle stick if you don't have molds) and freeze until set.  Allow to sit for 5 minutes to deforst or hold until warm water to remove from the mold before eating.  Enjoy.

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