Sunday, August 10, 2014

Curry and Comfort's Weekly Sunday Summary 8/04/14 thru 8/10/14


 Happy Sunday Everyone!

Lunchbox Week
 This week was all packing lunches for school and work.  My kids enjoyed a preview of some of their new lunchbox meals. Just remember when packing a lunch, keep it fun and always give them a varied menu.  Nothing gets more thumbs down and sad faces than the same sandwich over and over again in their lunchbox.  If you want to send hot meals, invest in a good thermos and do the research before you buy.  The stuff they sell next to lunchboxes are usually not that great at keep foods hot until lunch time. Also invest in a ice pack to keep cold foods cold and fresh. 

 The last days of summer vacation
The kids and I only have couple of weeks left of our summer vacation.  I have finished buying all their school supplies and most of their new school clothes.   I'm trying to get them back to their school time routine (especially bedtime).  My daughter slowly became a night owl this summer... but I'm steering her back to an early bedtime.   I am not looking forward to those first few weeks of school and waking them up early in the morning to get ready for school.  Hey, even I have been sleeping in a little so it will be an adjustment for me.  Summer has been all about relaxing and yes even being a bit lazy.  I will miss it. 

Now here is this week in review:


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