Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Halloween Owl Cupakes and Swirl Cupcakes


Make Halloween extra fun with these cute Owl Cupcakes and Swirl Cupcakes. 

Halloween is on my my kids' favorite holidays because they love all the sweet treats that I let them enjoy to their heart's content.   I also go a little crazy buying decorations at our local dollar store and really give our Halloween table some ghoulish glamour!

I always try to look around and find cute ideas to make the holiday extra exciting and these two different cupcake directions did the trick... or treat!  

Owl Cupcakes
 1. Box cake mix (yellow or chocolate) baked in cupcake liners per box instructions
2. Chocolate Frosting-applied across cupcake as smooth as possible
3. Oreo cookies pulled apart
4. M&M or Skittle placed on cream side Oreo cookie
5. Candy corn placed as nose
6. Non-creamed Oreo broken in half placed above for eyebrows
(See further explanation below...)

Swirl Frosted Cupcakes
1. Box cake mix (yellow or chocolate) baked in cupcake liners per box instructions
2. Place one frosting on the right side of a pastry or icing tube. Carefully place 2nd frosting on left side.
3. Pipe frosting.  Each cupcake will have a different swirl pattern. 

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