Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Spicy Chicken Lettuce Wraps with Curried Yogurt Dressing


These spicy chicken lettuce wraps prove that low carb-meals don't have to be bland or boring. I topped the wraps with a condiment that is full of flavor as well. 

I actually made this curried yogurt dressing because a Kitchen Simmer follower asked me to work on a curried non-mayo spread that can be put on sandwiches and wraps.  This dressing/spread uses plain yogurt instead of mayo so it's guilt-free enough to add an extra dollop or two. 

I spiced it up with curry powder and red chili powder. Then I added some sweetness with fresh mango.  If you don't have fresh mango, you can always substitute some spicy-sweet mango chutney like Major Grey's Mango chutney. 

The dressing also makes a great dip for veggies and tortilla chips.  I am a big fan of yogurt and I always use either Greek Yogurt or full fat plain yogurt when I make any of my recipes.  These days,  I actually no longer even buy sour cream.  When I make Mexican food at's all about yogurt in our house.

Spicy Chicken Lettuce Wraps with Curried Yogurt Dressing
Recipe by Ramona from Kitchen Simmer

2lbs boneless/skinless chicken breast or thighs cut into strips or chunks
salt and black pepper to taste
red chili flakes to taste
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp dried thyme
1 tsp Montreal Chicken Seasoning 
1 large onion sliced
1 green bell pepper sliced
1 red/orange bell pepper sliced
Curried Yogurt Dressing
1 medium onion chopped
1 sweet bell pepper (yellow or red) chopped
1 spicy chili pepper sliced
1 cup fresh mango chopped (you can substitute sweet mango chutney)
1/2 tsp up to 1 tsp curry powder
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
salt and black pepper to taste
red chili powder to taste (1/2 tsp) 
1 Tbs lime juice
1 cup or more of full fat plain yogurt

Heat a large skillet with 1 Tbs canola oil.  

Saute chicken with salt and black pepper. Then add garlic powder, turmeric powder, red  chili flakes, dried thyme and Montreal chicken seasoning.   

Next add sliced onions and bell peppers.  

Saute until all ingredients are cooked.  Taste and set aside. 

Serve with lettuce and Curried Yogurt Dressing given below.

Curried Yogurt Dressing Directions:

Saute onions, chili and peppers with 1 Tbs of canola oil.  Then add mango and cook until softened.

Next add seasoning and cook down for several minutes.  Finish with lime juice.  Allow mixture to cool and put in a food processor to cream and make smooth.

Once mixture is cooled, add plain yogurt.  Mix well.  Taste and season as desired.  Chill overnight if you desire to use this as a sandwich condiment or use immediately with these lettuce wraps.

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