Friday, September 14, 2018

Chocolate Covered Apples


I know it's not technically fall yet... but when school starts and September 1st  goes by.... I'm thinking fall 'all!   I love apples and always have a big bowl of apples sitting on my kitchen counter.  My son is not the biggest fan of apples, but he loved these.  Chocolate coated and dipped in fun candy, coconut and peanuts... how can you go wrong?  My daughter took some chocolate dipped slices of apples as her "dessert" in a her lunch box today too.  So, don't just make these during the fall... this is a fun dessert or treat any time. 

1lb chocolate
6-7 small apples
popsicles sticks as needed
baking tray lined with wax paper

chopped peanuts
M&M or Reese's Pieces chopped
Bakers sweetened coconut
chocolate sprinkles

Wash and remove stem from all apples. Insert popsicle stick into apple and chill apples until needed. Next melt chocolate over double boiler until melted and stirred well.  Dip apples into melted chocolate and them sprinkle or dip into garnishes of choice.  Place coated apples onto wax paper and then chill until chocolate is set.   Enjoy.

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  2. Ramona dear....meeting you after such a long time :-) How have you been? Hope you havent forgotten me? ;-)
    How did you know that Chocolate Apples are my absolute favorite....really! My kids and hus, all of us love munching on chocolate apples and so glad to see such an easy recipe for making them at home too. Think of the topping possibilities :-)
    Hope u see you around gal!

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