Thursday, February 26, 2015

It's Curry and Comfort's 4th Birthday!!


                     Happy 4th Birthday!!

Today I celebrate with a slice of cake and a heart full of gratitude.  It's been four fabulous years cooking and blogging here at Curry and Comfort.  I have met so many wonderful fellow bloggers, cooking fans and friends through the years.  It's like having a whole new family thanks to my blog.   Cooking has always been something fun for me to do, but it's truly taken over as one of my greatest passions in life.  I am so grateful for every day I get to share a little piece of love from my kitchen here on the blog.

My family
I am so thankful to my recipe tasters... my family!  They get to eat all the food I cook, but sometimes they have to wait a little while so I can photograph it first.  Every food blogger knows that the photo is the proof in the pudding... without those wonderful photos to drool over our recipes would not be the same.

So to my husband and kids....
Thank you for being so patient with me...I could not do this every day without your hungry belly's helping me eat all that food.

My Mother 
I am especially thankful to my mother who has not only shared her recipes with me to share with you, but also encourages me every step of the way.  She is the person that told me to stop dreaming and make this blog a reality.  So with her words of encouragement I started this blog....

So to Ammi(Mom)...
Thank your for everything... from the bottom of my heart. You are my first teacher and my inspiration in the kitchen.

Everyone that has taken a little time in their day to visit with me... 
Thank You!  You have made me have four fabulous years here at Curry and Comfort.  I hope for many, many more years of blogging, cooking and enjoying my little space here on the internet. 

~  Ramona

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  1. Happy Happy Bloggy Birthday!! Here is to another 4 years!

  2. Congrats Ramona!! An awesome bloggy birthday to be sure! :D Keep up the great work!

  3. Congratulations on the 4th anniversary! I'm always impressed by how often you publish your posts. It's A LOT OF WORK to take pictures (especially we do step by step!) and you always inspire me with your quality of work! Here's to your 5th year and more! :)

  4. A great post for celebrating your 4th year!!!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I read your post everyday! I am learning a lot and cooking a lot! My best wishes to you for continued success!

  6. Congrats dear..wish you many years of blogging....thats a fab post

  7. Congrats on four years of delicious-ness! Looking forward to many more!

  8. Congrats on four years of delicious-ness! Looking forward to many more!

  9. Ramona - Congrats and Happy Blogiversary/4th Birthday! I am so glad to have stumbled by your page - and look forward to all the deliciousness that comes out of your kitchen... :)


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