Sunday, April 26, 2015

Curry and Comfort's Weekly Sunday Summary 4/20/15 thru 4/26/15


Happy Sunday Everyone!

Last week I was so happy because spring was springing into my life.  Well, spring is pretty fickle because this week we had to pull out the winter coats and turn the heat back on in the house.  Urgh!   It's the end of April and Mother Nature seriously needs to let spring happen and not play this hot/cold yo-yo act.  Okay, that's enough about the weather! 

Let's talk childhood favorite TV shows!  One of my favorite TV shows while growing up was a show called "The Facts of Life".  I remember making sure to tune in every week.  We had no DVRs back then... not even VCRs!  You either had to make an appointment to watch your favorite programs or you missed it.    

My kids don't even know what watching TV is like without being able to pause a show or DVR it.  Back when I was a kid, we did not even have remote controls... I was my Dad's remote control.  He would simply tell us to get up and go change the channel.  Can you imagine?!  

Yes, I am totally telling you all how "middle aged" I truly am!  I recently found the "The Facts of Life" on TV and I have been watching it like crazy.  My husband has to laugh because he has watched a few episodes, but it was always a "girls" show to him.  I always related to all the girls, but the character of "Jo" was my favorite.  My daughter is now watching the reruns with me and her favorite character is "Natalie" since she's always so crazy and funny.  

I miss a lot of the TV shows from back in the day.... thank goodness for all these "nostalgic" TV channels for old folks like me. :)   Did you watch "The Facts of Life"? 

Okay, back to our regular broadcasting... here is my week in review:

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