Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year Hoppin' John Good Luck Rice Pilaf

Happy New Year 2014!! I always try to cook some "lucky foods" on New Years Day in hopes of bringing me some luck through the year.  This New Year Hoppin' John/Good Luck Rice Pilaf has black eyed peas, collard greens and pork all in one rice pilaf to make it extra lucky. 

5 cups of cooked rice (brown or white)
2 (15oz) cans of black eyed peas rinsed
1lb of lean pork diced small
6-8 slices of bacon diced
15-20 curry leaves
1 small stick of cinnamon
1 tsp of cumin seeds
1 tsp of black mustard seeds
1/3 tsp of ground turmeric
2 tsp of curry powder (I used McCormick brand)
2 cloves of garlic grated
1 inch of ginger grated
1 medium onion chopped
1 red bell pepper chopped
3-4 cups chopped fresh collard greens
2-3 green chilies
1 tsp of red chili flakes (or to taste)
1 1/2 cups of chicken stock (or chicken bullion and water)
salt and pepper to taste


Cut bacon and fry until crispy then drain on paper towel.  Reserve 2 Tbs of bacon fat.

Cook rice and set aside until needed. Leftover cold rice can be used as well.   In the same pan add your curry leaves, bay leaves,  cumin seeds, mustard seeds and cinnamon stick.  Fry for 30-45 seconds until the seeds start to splutter.

Next add your diced pork, onions and, chilies.  Cook for 2-3 minutes.  Then add your grated ginger, garlic and season with some salt and black pepper.   Cook for another 1-2 minutes.

Next add the chopped collard greens. Saute for 2-3 minutes. Then add curry powder, chili flakes and turmeric.  Allow the spices to bloom for 1-2 minutes.   Then add your chicken stock or water and chicken bullion powder.

Next add cans of drained and rinsed black eyed peas and bell pepper.  Simmer the dish on medium for 10-12 minutes.

Once the curry is made and seasoned to your desired taste, add the cooked rice. Mix the rice into the curry gently. Serve hot. This can be eaten alone or with cucumber raita. Enjoy.

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  1. Happy New Year Ramona! Here's to a year of healthy and happiness!!

  2. Rice pilaf is so nommy! Happy New Year my friend!

  3. What a great way to pour all of that luck for prosperity into one bowl!!! Wonderful dish!

  4. Wow, you hit the motherlode with this one. This is the first time in 30+ years that I did't cook black eyed peas for the new year. After looking at this vibrant dish of yours I wish I had. Wishing you the best!!

  5. I will have to try this at some point. I have never had a black eye'd pea and that makes no sense. Because I love beans and I love peas.

    Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!!!

  6. I don't think I could eat a big bowl of black eyed peas, but your rice looks amazing!!! Happy New Year!

  7. Yum! Lots of goodies in this dish, and sounds very healthy! Happy New Year to you and your family! Your dishes are very inspiring and I look forward to visiting your blog this year!

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