Monday, January 6, 2014

Polka Dot Cake

My daughter celebrated her birthday a few months ago and I made her this fun and cute cake with pink and purple polka dots (her favorite colors).   I know I am seriously late sharing this with you, but with all the holidays this past fall and Christmas... this got pushed to the side.  It's too special to not share so here it is at last.   I saw this idea on Facebook and knew I had to try it.  So this is by no means a recipe for a cake... I used boxed cake mix to make it easy (but a scratch cake can be used as well).  Today's post is all about how to achieve this fun cake.   You can make the cake and polka dots any color/flavor you wish, so customize away for any holiday or occasion.   I used a white vanilla cake mix and topped it with strawberry frosting.  She loved it and so did everyone who saw and tasted the cake.  Since this was my first time doing this cake and it was so easy, I am definitely going to keep playing around with the colors and flavors.

2 boxes of cake mix   ( I used white cake to get the color I wanted, but you can do any color or flavor)
food coloring of choice
1-2 tubs of frosting (your choice)
sprinkles or cake decorations of choice

Special tools:  cake pop machine or cake pop pan

  Recipe idea Source

Here are so tips and tricks from Paula Deen to make that box cake mix taste more like a scratch cake:
1.  Add an extra egg than the box suggests
2.  Cream butter for the oil they recommend
3.  Substitute milk for the water
Make cake batter according to package instructions.  Separate out some batter and dye it for your desired polka dot color(s).  I did two colors of pink and purple.

 Make the polka dots using the cake pop machine or a cake pop pan then set aside.  Grease and lay a parchment layer in your cake pan.  Pour half the white cake batter into your pan(s).  Then place the prepared cake pops into the batter.  I recommend you make more cake pops dots than you think.  I wish I had put more so each slice when cut had polka dots.

Pour remaining batter on top of cake pops.  Bake according to box instructions or until cake is fully baked.  You cake pops will not bake more... they will still remain soft.  Cool cake and frost as desired. Slice and serve.  Enjoy.

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