Sunday, May 24, 2015

Curry and Comfort's Weekly Sunday Summary 5/18/15 thru 5/2415


Happy Sunday Everyone!

 It's Memorial Day Weekend and we are enjoying the summery days with lots of sunshine and daylight hours.   The kids and I even went for a walk at "night time" and there was still enough light at almost 8:30PM to have a nice stroll at twilight.    That's one of my favorite parts of longer days.... everyone is out and about and socializing outside.  In the winter, sometimes we don't even see our neighbors for months.

Corn is in season at the grocery store and I'm buying it like crazy.  You will see a lot of corn everything on the blog if my kids don't just microwave it and eat it straight. Yes, you can microwave corn.

See my "Quick Grilled Corn" Here.

 We are still hoping to have a BBQ this weekend and my roasted potatoes below will definitely be an appearance.  Don't forget to check out all my recipes from this week below.

I also wanted to take a moment to also really appreciate what Memorial Day is about and it's not about BBQ or cookouts.   It's about honoring and saying Thank You to all those that sacrificed their lives protect our freedom. Here's to all the heroes who have given everything to this country and made it great, Thank You. 


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