Thursday, May 7, 2015

Spring Gardening with OXO Gardening Tools #OXOSpringGardening


This past winter was horrendous.  My poor garden was under mounds and mounds of snow for most of it.   I could not wait for spring to arrive so I could see green leaves and flowers again.  Unfortunately, when spring finally decided to show up, it was not all beautiful.  My flowering pots on my porch and my rose bushes were covered with weeds and fall leaves. 

I was totally embarrassed every time I looked outside and someone walked by my garden.  I was so excited when the folks at OXO sent me some of their spring gardening tools to help my desperately sad looking garden out. 

Hand Rake

My daughter was so excited to help me try out all the tools and clean up our garden.  The first task at hand was to clean up all those leaves that had blown into our garden over the cold winter months.  

My husband usually cleans this area with a large rake, but there isn't much room for a big rake to do the job without damaging my precious roses.  So I knew when I saw the OXO Hand Rake  it would work perfectly for this tight space.

My daughter was able to easily get behind my roses without disturbing them.  The OXO Hand Rake can expand up to 12 inches wide and then retract to 3 inches for tighter spaces. The rake handle was very comfortable for both of us to use and we were able to get all the leaves out.  We were happy to find our hose buried deep in that massive pile of leaves. 

Cultivator, Trowel, Outdoor Pour and Store Watering Can
 Spring time is also time to plant flowers to make your garden and entrance to your home more beautiful.  Unfortunately, my big flowering pots on either side of my porch were filled with weeds.  I don't know where these weeds came from since I had planted mums in these pots last fall.  I was beyond embarrassed when people would walk up to my house and see a planter full of weeds just sitting there.  I thought it would be so hard to get these weeds pulled out, but I decided to use the Cultivator to help me.  Wow!!  I was able to really dig into those weeds roots and pulled them out easily.   Then my daughter used the Trowel to dig into the soil so we could plant our petunias.   Her favorite part of the planting process had to be using the Outdoor Pour and Store Watering Can.    This watering can is so cool because you can swivel the spout for easy storage.  I also loved how it gently watered the delicate flowers with the "shower" like spray. 

Plow, Bypass Pruners, Outdoor Pour and Store Watering Can

After we cleaned up the front of the house, I knew I had to also clean the pots on my deck.  I love to grow herbs and vegetables on my deck garden over the summer.   My deck is right outside my kitchen so it makes it easy to grab some herbs while cooking.  My poor pots on the deck were also full of weeds, leaves and old herbs from last year.  We used the Plow to cut through the old roots and clean out the pots.  Then I planted new herbs like mint, basil, parsley and vegetables like tomatoes and peppers.  The thyme was able to survive through the horrible winter, but it needed to be badly pruned.  I used the OXO  Pruners to easily cut back and prune the thyme.  I LOVE these pruners.  They are so strong and can cut through even the thickest stems.  We watered all the plants easily with the Outdoor Pour and Store Watering Can and it's powerful yet gentle nozzle did a great job of not damaging the delicate herbs and plants.  It was so nice to see all my deck herbs and vegetables neatly planted in their pots. 

Cleaning up our outdoor world was so easy with the help of OXO's Spring Gardening Tools.   If you want to make your garden beautiful definitely give these sturdy, well built and high quality constructed tools a try.

Thank you  OXO for sending us these gardening tools!

Disclaimer: I was sent a set of OXO gardening tools to try and review. I was not compensated for this post and all opinions of the products mentioned in this post are my own.

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  1. This will be my first year I have a garden, finally. I've enjoyed it so much -- the cute, fun tools are part of the reason. Happy gardening!

  2. OXO products make whatever task you're using them for so much easier. Can't wait to see your garden in full bloom!

  3. We planted our garden and pots two weekends ago. Then our little heat wave hit. It has grown amazingly fast. I love growing flowers and veggies at home and seeing all of the changes over time.

  4. Nice and creative thing to do with your daughter. I am spoiled with gardeners here.

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