Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fruit Dip (2 Ingredient)


Today is the last day of my Super Bowl dishes and treats.  Now I could have gone with a load of other fun sweet dishes to end the week, but I decided to end with this healthy fruit platter and fun fruit dip.  My kids went crazy for this dip.  They ate almost half the tray of fruit in one sitting.  Of course I was happily sitting there right next to them munching away at the tray because it was fruit-tastic.  This dip could not be easier since it only contains two simple ingredients.  You can pair it with any fruit you enjoy... my favorites were the strawberries, blackberries and pineapple. 

1 (8oz) brick cream cheese  (softened)
7-8oz marshmallow cream
*assorted fruit washed and cut into small pieces.

Mix two ingredients together, then chill.  Serve along side assorted fruit.  Enjoy. 

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  1. wow such an delicious dip with only two ingredients :) Very colorful fruit platter , I can skip my dinner/ Lunch for inviting fruit platter :) lovely arrangement dear :)

  2. Ramona, marshmallow cream and cream cheese dip would be just perfect with these fruits. And these pictures of nicely cut fruits with different colours, are just perfect for the desktop wallpaper, and of course for gorging on. Wow, so vibrant!

  3. I love fruit dip, fantastic recipe! Perfect for any upcoming parties :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

  4. Delcious dip, simple and so effective :D


  5. I haven't thought about something like this for the Super Bowl but I probably should. I would love it as another addition and it is probably necessary with all of the other maybe not so healthy treats.

  6. Mmmmm a simple and sweet one bite treat for the big game day! Love it!! :D

  7. I could happily eat more than my fair share of this and not feel guilty.

  8. My sister makes this dip for many of her parties and it is always a hit. It's like an addiction! People just can't seem to make themselves stop eating it.

  9. So easy and yummy! I'd be hovering over this bowl of dip the whole night!

  10. Lots of goodness ( and calories :P ) in a bowl .. looks divine :)

  11. Looking very yummy and delicious. Food Boxes are very important for better presentation. Must use food boxes to attract more people.


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