Monday, January 20, 2014

Kale Strawberry Orange Smoothie - Kale Week

Welcome to Kale Week here at Curry and Comfort.  I adore Kale.  It's a powerhouse super-food that is totally versatile.  Today I blended raw for this Kale Strawberry Orange Smoothie.  I plan on using Kale in many ways this week to show you just how easily you can include this nutrient dense marvel in your diet. 

2 cups fresh orange juice
1 cup cleaned and hulled strawberries
1 1/2 cups chopped fresh kale (remove stem)
1/2 cup ice
2 tsp chia seeds (optional)

 Place all ingredients in good quality blender starting with liquid and blend until smoothie. Enjoy. 

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  1. Healthy smoothie and beautiful clicks...

  2. I feel guilty saying I have trouble getting kale down my throat. I wonder if it would be better/easier with strawberries? I want to like it!

  3. This really looks refreshing, I should be drinking more of this and start the year right...

  4. Yay for delicious smoothies! Love the color of this one!

  5. Tough to disguise the kale....still turned the smoothie green. I bet this was delicious though!

  6. Yummy! That sounds like a delicious smoothie. I love the flavor combo you used, great job :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

  7. I still have not picked up any chia seeds to try. Your smoothie is motivating me to get thee to the health food store. So good!

  8. I grew up eating kale; it was one of my most favorite greens. I have never had it in a smoothie, but am willing to try it just because you've put your stamp of approval on it. :)

  9. Healthy as always, but delicious as can be :D
    And who doesn't adore strawberries!?


  10. That looks like a healthy glass of green but unlike other green drinks this one sounds delicious :D

  11. Nice, you've been on a kale kick lately. :) What a beautiful green color! It's wonderful that you introduce and inspire us to eat more kale.

  12. I've never tried chia seeds before...what do they taste like. I like Kale...never tried a drink with it though. Looks and sounds delish!

  13. I also love kale! I knew we were friends for (many) a reason. :) I've always wanted to try it in a smoothie, and with strawberries, how can I say no?!

  14. I'm still on a sugar high so this is going to be great!

  15. This is my kind of smoothie! I always go for spinach but I should switch it up with kale now and then.


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