Monday, October 27, 2014

Butterfinger Rice Krispies Treats- Halloween Week


This week is Halloween and my mother's birthday.  So I have lots of reasons to go a little sugar crazy on the blog this week.  You see, my mother has a major sweet tooth.  She loves dessert and is notorious for giving the grand-kids a little sweet treat after meals (even a couple of jelly beans from her special stash next to her easy chair).  Yes... they love her for it!    

One of her favorite candy bars is the Butterfinger Bar.  When my sister buys multi-candy packs, my mother will slowly fish out all the Butterfinger candies.  When she does that, it always cracks me up because my mother does not ask for much in life, always put others first and is a total giver to everyone.  The fact that she fishes out her favorite candy bar lets you know that even the "givers" of this world have something that they are not willing to share.  So don't get between her and her favorite chocolates. Ha!ha!

I bought a bag of Butterfingers just so I could make her some treats to celebrate her birthday.  She LOVED these rice krispies treats.  I made her a whole container full  of them and delivered them today so she could enjoy a little sweet treat every day until her birthday.   It's going to be a sweet week... get ready.

Butterfinger Rice Krispies Treats

by Curry and Comfort
Prep Time: 10
Cook Time: 15
Rice Krispies:
  • 8-9 cups rice cereal
  • 10oz bag of mini marshmallows
  • 4-5 Tbs butter or margarine
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter
  • 10-12 Butterfinger Bars
Chocolate Drizzle:
  • 1/3 cup chocolate chips
  • 1 tsp coconut oil
1. Use a rolling pin to crush 10 of the Butterfinger bars into a chunky crumble.
2. Then in a large pan, heat butter and peanut butter on medium low heat.
3. Next add marshmallows and half the Butterfinger crumble and stir to melt them.
4. Then add the rice krispies and the remaining Butterfinger crumble to pan and stir to combine everything. You can turn off the heat at this point.
5. Spray or butter a pan (9x13) and put all rice krispies mixture and press down to form an even layer.
6. Take the remaining 2 Butterfingers and crumble on top of rice krispies and press down. Allow krispies to set up for 20-30 minutes.
7. To make the chocolate drizzle, place coconut oil and chocolate in a microwave safe bowl and microwave until the chocolate melts and stir will.
8. Cut the rice krispies treats out to your desired size. Then use the tines of a fork to drizzle the chocolate over each piece. Allow to set for a few minutes and serve.
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  1. Yay for sugar crazy week on the blog!! I love these rice krispie treats - I've never tried them with butterfingers before! :D

  2. Ramona, I mentioned your recipe on my Facebook page and I published a link to your food blog here. I did not print your recipe on my page as the link will bring them here for the recipe. To verify this go to Facebook, my page is listed as Margo Haynes. Have a blessed day.Margo

  3. Oh wow, these look beyond delicious!! I love the idea of incorporating candy bars into Rice Krispies - how creative :)

  4. Sounds like a great way to celebrate a birthday!

  5. Wishing Mom a super sweet birthday!

  6. That would be a kid-friendly treat as well. Do you share your Mother's sweet tooth? I have one too, but I am very careful not to eat sugar very often. It makes me fat. Hope your mother has a very happy birthday. With you as a daughter, I am sure she will! Have a good time, Ramona.

  7. I love Butterfingers, too...and that's why I didn't buy any for Halloween! Too dangerous. So nice of you to make these yummy treats for your mom :)

  8. They look great ! What size Butterfingers do you use?

    1. I used the "snack size". They are about 1 1/2 to 2 inches long each. If you use the large full size candy bars, use half as many candy bars. If you use the mini size then you will need to double the quantity of candy bars. Enjoy. :)

  9. I love the idea of incorporating candy bars into Rice Krispies roblox tutorials


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