Sunday, October 12, 2014

Curry and Comfort's Weekly Sunday Summary 10/07/14 thru 10/12/14


 Happy Sunday Everyone!

Fall is truly in the air these days.  The mornings and evenings are very cool and the leaves are starting to turn color.  Fall also brings some rain and we are going to have a rainy week (sigh).  I know rain is necessary, but it sure makes walking to school and running errands a little bit more challenging. 

In our house it's all sunshine and rainbows because a very excited child will be celebrating her birthday soon.   So expect a few birthday themed posts this week.  

The birthday girl wants a very  big spaghetti dinner with all the garlic bread and salad fixings at her birthday party.  So I will be running around in the rain this week getting all the party favors, decorations and ingredients to make her party special.  

I remember how excited I used to get when I was a kid about my birthday... it far out weighed the excitement of Christmas for me.  Truthfully, I still get excited about my birthday and believe that you should always have everything you can wish for (within reason) on your big day.   I think I get as excited about my children's birthday as much as they do... even thinking about them from a month prior.    
So this week will certainly be exciting for all of us.  Have a great week where ever you are and here's my week in review...


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