Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Seven Links and My Many Thanks!

I started this blog because I love to cook, look at recipes and share my love for food.  But I have gained so much more because I was introduced to an amazing foodie community.  You all totally amaze me everyday with your cooking, ideas, recipes,  stories and of course those gorgeous photos of food that make me want to literally reach right into the screen and get a taste.  I love to browse as many blogs as I can because they all are truly inspiring and entertaining to me.  Thank you for the countless ideas and enjoyment. 

I also want to thank each and every visitor that has checked out Curry and Comfort.  I am so appreciative of all the comments, feedback and enthusiasm for my recipes.  

One special lady (and many of you will agree) has titled her blog so appropriately because it's Anne from From My Sweet Heart.  She really is a sweet heart.  We have gotten to know each other and I am always glad to see an email from her so we can chat.  : )   She continues to cheer me on and support my blog (every chance she gets).  Anne generously shares her awards by passing them onto me.  So I am going to try to thank her by telling you all (if you haven't already visited her blog) to go by and be prepared for some lovely recipes and a fun read. 
Anne was sweet enough to tag me with the seven links post that has been going around Foodbuzz.  Here is my attempt to answer the questions and I  hope you enjoy reading my comments. : )

1.    Most Beautiful Post

 I simply loved this photo.  I starred it at and was thinking to myself... "Did I take that?".   I am always envious at some of your food photography and aspire to take photos like you.  This time I felt that I really captured the beauty of this simple ice cream and all it's delicious goodness.

2. Most Popular Post
     This posts became popular simply by a fluke.  Someone posted this on Stumbleupon and it took off like wildfire.  I wish all my posts could get the same recognition.   

3. Most Controversial Post

      Okra is simply a controversial ingredient.  Some you love it, some of you hate it and some of you have never even tried it.  I actually love it and prepping it with my suggestion to keep it from getting slimy really does help and there was no slime to be had in my dish. : )  I think we can all agree, nobody likes the slime. : (

4. Most Helpful Post
I picked this dish as most helpful because this tasted the most like take out to me. It was definitely helpful to my budget because I don't feel I need to order it from a restaurant anymore

5. Post Who’s Success Surprised You
I love that everyone received this recipe so well.  My tip was simple, use ground chicken (no cutting or chopping) and the dish is ready in a jiffy. I think everyone can use a curry in a hurry. : )

6. Post That Didn’t get the Attention It Deserved
I really loved this recipe. What I love most of all is everyone in my family loved it and I didn't have any "picky-eater" complaints.  I really wanted to make a dish hit Foodbuzz's Top 9 and I think I was secretly hoping this one would be it.  But it was not meant to be. : (

7. Post You are Most Proud Of
      This link was hard to pick. I am proud of so many of my recipes and dishes.  They are all like my little babies that I have cultivated from ideas and ingredients to a tasty dish.  But I had to pick something that was baked for this link at the end of the day.  The reason... I am not a baker.  I have said that many times and that's why people like Anne amaze me. They are bakers.  This blog has inspired me to try to be a better baker and make more "from scratch" baked goods.  This Zucchini Chocolate Cake is one of them.  My Husband thought I was crazy for putting zucchini in a chocolate cake, but he devoured it.  I loved that I had zucchini in the chocolate cake because it made me feel less guilty to eat it. : )   I do still love to use easy box cakes recipes, but I am proud to say I can bake from scratch if I need to. : ) 

Now it is my turn to pass on the 7 links to 5 of you that inspire me.  I wish I could pass this to all of you that I enjoy reading everyday, but I will try to pass it on to those I have not seen get the 7 links post before.

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Looking forward to seeing your 7 links posts. : )