Sunday, January 11, 2015

Curry and Comfort's Weekly Sunday Summary 1/5/15 thru 1/11/15



Happy Sunday Everyone!

Brrrr....  it's been a cold week around here.  We had a crazy snowstorm and days and days of freezing temperatures that have closed schools, caused some traveling havoc and generally been annoying in my opinion.  It's this time of year that I dream of spring... summer...fall... Anything but WINTER!  

Sure, snow looks beautiful.  But it's only this beautiful when you can look at it from the inside of a warm house with no place to go.   Once you're out there with snow pelting you in face and you're back is aching from shoveling... tell me how beautiful it all is then.
Just to go run out to the grocery store, it takes me 3x as long to get all bundled up with a coat, boots, scarf, hat, gloves so I can brave the arctic temperatures.   I can totally understand why bears hibernate.   If I didn't need to feed my family, walk my kids to school or generally have a social life, I would totally hibernate too.  Wake me when spring has sprung.  

Of course the good part of winter is you can eat lots and lots of soup, comfort foods and cover up those extra holiday pounds with a big winter coat.  Yes, that's totally what I am doing. 

So, how has the first full week of 2015 been for you?  You know how mine has been.... cold.  It's also been delicious so here's my week in review..


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  1. delicious dishes everything looks wonderful

  2. Yeah, this weather has been brutal. Today it was actually warmer, but accompanied by freezing rain :( Looks like a yummy start to your year!

  3. Happy New Year Ramona! Gosh, I know it's a pain, but that snow photo is just stunning! I'm going to take a closer look at those peanut butter cinnamon rolls.....they look so scrumptious! : )

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