Sunday, January 18, 2015

Curry and Comfort's Weekly Sunday Summary 1/12/15 thru 1/18/15


Happy Sunday Everyone!

I think I blinked and January is more than halfway over.  Holy moly... how are we in the last two weeks of the month already?    I feel like we just popped the champagne cork and started off the new year.  

The kids have been back to school for two weeks now and they have yet to  have a full week of school since we have been having closings and delays due to snow/ice and cold weather.  That is not making life easy for me since every morning my two ask me "Is today a snow day?"  Then, I have to hear them whine about getting ready for school.

Since we have had so many snow days (just in two weeks), and coming right off a two week winter break for the holidays, you can say they are not so enamored with doing the school thing right now.   So on those days I have to also be "teacher" and give them homework and extra reading assignments so they keep up with their studies and don't just think they can watch TV or play video games all day like zombies.  

Of course that doesn't make me a very cool Mom in their eyes.  That's okay,  because I know it is what's best for them in the long run.  Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do and try to make them understand that school is really cool!  I just can't wait until it is spring and the word "snow" is gone from their vocabulary until next year.

I'm planning Super Bowl food for next week... that leads us right into February and then Valentine's Day.   I have also planned a week of Valentine's Treats.   You can say my kitchen is very busy these days.   So definitely look out for a lot of fun recipes to come your way.  Maybe that's what's making time fly with me... all this planning for the coming holidays and my mind is already into mid February.

The daylight hours are slowly increasing here and that makes me so happy.  I take my son to his music lesson every week and when we come out it's always pitch black outside since the beginning of November when we changed back from daylight savings time.  But we noticed the sky was still at a twilight when we came out this past lesson and that got me thinking that next week it will be a little brighter outside and even a little more brighter the following week.  Yay!  I love daylight!

Okay... now it's time for what you came here for... my week in review..

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