Monday, July 16, 2012

French Onion Savory Rice


 Last week I mentioned I made a savory rice to go with the ham and bean "chili" that I made.  So here it is:  French Onion Savory Rice.  The hardest part of making this rice is waiting for the onions to caramelize.  Once you get that part done, it's pretty simple and you can use either a rice cooker, like I did, or a pot on the stove to cook the rice to the correct tenderness.  My husband loved this rice and he said it was tasty on it's own.  If you want to totally cheat your way through this rice you can use 2 cans of French Onion Soup and save yourself the step of caramelizing the onions.

2 large onions sliced
2 cups raw rice washed well (brown or white)
4-5 cups of broth (chicken, vegetable or beef)
2Tbs of butter
1 Tbs of canola oil
1/2 tsp of dried thyme
2 cloves of grated or minced garlic
black pepper to taste
1 Tbs of dried parsley flakes
1/4 cup of soy sauce
1 Tbs of Worcestershire sauce
1/2 Tbs of red wine vinegar
1 bay leaf

In a large pan saute the onions on medium low heat with the butter,oil and a sprinkle of salt.  Stir occasionally, this step will take you 20-30 minutes

Add  garlic, dried thyme, parsley and black pepper.  Add washed rice and saute with all the other ingredients in the pan.
Add liquids, bay leaf into pan or transfer to rice cooker and add liquid.  Cook until rice is cooked through and tender. Fluff rice and serve hot as a side dish.  Enjoy.

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  1. wow this rice sounds amazing, right up my ally! I love caramelized onions but they are a pain to wait for it cook.

  2. Yum! Bookmarked! When I clicked on the recipe I thought o myself... "please don't have it be with a french onion soup packet"... yaya! From scratch just the way I love it. Thank you! I will be making this frequently! Rice is a staple side dish in our house due to my daughter's Celiac disease. It is the best side dish out there!

  3. I can't wait to make french onion anything!

  4. What a great way to add loads of flavor to plain old rice - this recipe sounds delicious!

  5. This is so fabulous. My hubby would go nuts for this one.

  6. Double yum, we would devour this. I don't cook rice that often anymore, but that could change after looking at these pictures.

  7. Now hubby would eat and love this!!! Will copy to try :)

  8. This sounds amazing! I have pinned and can't wait to make this in my kitchen! YUMMMMMM.

  9. This was certainly a surprise to see a recipe on your site that started with "French". :) What a great creation! French onion soup in a rice bowl! I love it! Hope you're having a wonderful week!

  10. I know it takes loooooooooooong time to caramelize the onion, but to me this process is therapeutic (like most baker would say for kneading - now I know I sound weird). I can daydream while I watch my onions to caramelize... I bet this rice is very delicious. I love caramelized onion so this is like my dream rice. :D

  11. Wow! That rice looks delicious! I want to try it!

  12. Wow! so delicious rice!

  13. I made this for my family and they loved it! I adapted it to gluten free (no soy sauce for Taylor!) and adapted it to use all my fresh herbs from my garden. This recipe is fabulous and I will be blogging my process for those of you who may be allergic to wheat. Thank you Ramona for another fabulous recipe!

  14. I made this and we enjoyed it. I adapted it a little. Do you allow bloggers to blog your recipes?

    1. Hi Branny, Sure, feel free to blog my recipe, just mention where the recipe originated from and if you put a link to my blog I would appreciate. Thanks!! Glad you enjoyed the recipe. :)

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