Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cinnamon Roll Snails

I was browsing the Pillsbury Facebook fan page when these cute cinnamon roll snails caught my eye.  They were so fun and cute that I had to call my kids over to show them.   My kids just loved them and they were fascinated that a cinnamon roll could turn into such an adorable little snail.  So of course this morning I popped over to the grocery store to buy some cinnamon rolls so I could make these for my kids as an after school surprise.   My kids were thrilled to bits when they saw these cuties...they almost didn't want to eat them.  Even my hubby had to giggle on how adorable these "snails" looked. This fun treat is too cute not to pass on so I hope you like them too.

1 store bought tube of large cinnamon rolls with icing
mini white marshmallows as needed
10-20 chocolate chips melted (in microwave)
toothpicks as needed


Prepare Cinnamon Rolls as directed.   Make sure you leave the cinnamon roll undone at the end so it forms the "snail's head".  Bake in oven as directed and ice.  
Prepare eyes by dabbing a dot of melted chocolate on the mini marshmallows.  Insert toothpicks as shown and place as eyes.  Enjoy. 


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  1. Wowwww... looks super tempting and delicious.. lovely clicks too :)

  2. These are so cute :) I love the little eyes!

  3. I wish I had kids so that I could make these! SO CUTE RAMONA OMG. Although I bet my college friends would get a kick out of them ;)

  4. What a cute, wonderful idea. Dudette would love these (as would Hubby and I). I'm smiling ear-to-ear just looking at them.

  5. wow..super cute..lovely idea..looks delicious
    new follower to your blog
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  6. what a fun idea! My nephew would absolutely love doing something like this. Thanks for sharing :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

  7. OMG how cute are these!! I've been craving cinnamon rolls lately and these look so fun.

  8. What a cute idea, Ramona! My kiddos love cinnamon rolls...these would have been so fun when they were tiny...although, I'm pretty sure they'd have no trouble eating them now! You are such a fun mom!

  9. This is too too adorable my friend, the only escargot I will ever willingly eat!


  10. These are so cute an inventive! Kids would absolutely adore these, and I bet if you served these at an adult brunch your guests would think they were super fun and cute.

  11. You are genius Ramona! :D These snails are SUPER CUTE! My son had a stage when he was crazy about snails when he was in preschool. Gosh I wish I was creative back then to surprise him with this treat!

  12. This made my morning. Super cute for sure!

  13. Adorable!! My kids would've loved a treat like this.

  14. I am so impressed! You must be the best mom ever :)


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