Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Peep S'mores (Microwave Version)


I learned to make these Peep S'mores last Easter when I saw it on a YouTube video. My kids were so excited after watching the video that we had to run out and buy the supplies right away.  I missed my opportunity to share it with the blog last year so I decided to do it this year when Easter peeps showed up again.  The microwave is such a fun and easy way to make s'mores.. I hope you enjoy these peep treats this Easter too. :) 

Graham Crackers
Hershey Snack Size Chocolate

Place peep on half a graham cracker.  Heat in microwave for 15-20 seconds.  When it expands and starts to melt, top with chocolate bar and other half of graham cracker.  Enjoy.

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  1. It's so easy and fun to make smore's with the kids! Thank you for the quick snack idea! Happy Easter!

  2. simply superb... amazing clicks...

  3. great idea for the kiddos!! my cousins would love this. when I went over to babysit them the other day the saved me a peep and pretty much forced me to eat it (i reallllly do not like them haha)

  4. It's so beautiful and cruel at the same time....I would still eat it :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

  5. I always laugh when I see these. I don't really like peeps and there is something about microwaving and squeezing them between two graham crackers that I find really humorous.

  6. OMG IN THE MICROWAVE?!?! Dudeeee this is brilliant! Poor little peeps..they never stood a chance. What with all their cuteness and marshmallowy goodness. ;)


  7. These treats are dangerously easy!

  8. I had to laugh! What a cruel thing to do with those poor little chickens. LOL You are just TOO clever my friend!


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