Sunday, November 16, 2014

Curry and Comfort's Weekly Sunday Summary 11/10/14 thru 11/16/14


Happy Sunday Everyone!

Brrrrr..... it's cold!  The beautiful fall warm weather that stayed with us for so many weeks is finally gone and it's a blast of winter weather for us these days.  Some of the country seems to have already gotten snow.  Eeeek!! I don't want snow this early.   I was getting totally spoiled with the 55-70 degree days and the leaves colorfully remaining on the trees.  Now the leaves are hurrying up and falling and the trees are becoming stark and bare.  Looks like winter is knocking on our door now and I hope that it's not the frigid winter we had last year.  Oh please no!

Here's a look back at the beauty of the fall leaves that I enjoyed while taking a walk with my daughter.   Witnessing the leaves change is one of the only reasons I love living in an area that actually goes through all four seasons. It's also nice to see a beautiful fall sunset.   These days it seems like it's getting dark at 5:00PM.... so I miss the sunset because it's dark so fast.  Okay... it's time to hunker down and eat a lot of soup and comfort foods to get us through the long winter ahead.   

 Luckily, I have a great soup for you this week that will warm you right up... here is my week in review:


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