Monday, November 28, 2011

Kale, White Bean and Sausage Soup

After a little indulging over Thanksgiving holiday, I wanted a simple, healthy and satisfying soup to eat.  I saw some kale at my grocery store and knew it would be the star of my dish.  The words "beans and greens" came to mind and I decided to a make a soup.   I rounded out the soup with some sausage to satisfy my husband. The soup came together in less than 30 minutes and I ate two bowls.  Okay, so I indulged with the soup too... but I felt less guilty this time with all the kale and beans.

1lb of lean Italian Sausage (crumbled)
3 large handfuls of fresh kale coarsely chopped
2 (15oz) cans of cannellini beans
8-10 cups of chicken stock (or bullion/water equivalent)
2-3 cloves of garlic
1 medium onion chopped
red pepper flakes to taste
1/2 tsp of dried basil
1/2 tsp of dried oregano
1/8 tsp of grated fresh nutmeg
seasoning salt and pepper to taste


Remove the casing if the sausage is in links and crumble it.  Brown it in a large soup pot. My sausage was very lean and very little oil came out of it.  If you have a lot of oil drain it all except for 1 Tbs worth.  I actually had to add a little canola oil to cook my onions.

Next add your onions and garlic.  Saute for a few minutes stirring well.

Then add your seasoning, herbs and stir well.

Add your liquid and deglaze the bottom of the pan.  You can add fresh chicken stock, can, carton, water and bullion or any combination of the above.  I used 1 carton that had 4 cups of stock and then used water and bullion powder for the rest.  Bring soup to a boil.

Next add your coarsely chopped kale and 2 cans of drained beans.  Allow the soup to boil or simmer until the kale is at the right texture of your.  I don't like it overly wilted. Taste for seasoning.

Serve with some grated parmesan cheese on top and bread.  Enjoy.
 Serves 6
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  1. Looks delicious! I'll definitely have a soup week this week, I think, I'm sick and have to present my thesis... bah. Wonderful recipe, sounds like a gloriously flavorful soup!

  2. What a delicious recipe. And THANK YOU FOR MY AWARD!!!!! :) :)

  3. Way yum! At one point in time you wouldn't have caught me anywhere near this kind of soup, but over the last couple of years it's grown on me. I love the combination of beans, sausage and greens.

  4. Girl that soup looks fantastic, send me a bowl please! And thank you.

  5. I really love kale and am always trying to find new things to do with it. Thanks for sharing this!

  6. I love soup that just warms your soul, and this looks like one of those soups!!

  7. the soup looks so good and tempting,I never cook kale maybe i should try on the soup :)

  8. Yes, soup will be on our menu this week. I'm just about all turkeyed out :) Yours looks fabulous, Ramona!

  9. I make a soup just like this too!! Great minds think a like. I need to make this soon too. =)

  10. I adore kale. This sounds like a great hearty and filling. I'm on such a soup kick lately with the weather changing!

  11. I just made some white bean soup tonight too - wish I added some kale! I will make this next time :)

  12. This is such a healthy and hearty soup. Love it!

  13. I was talking to my daughter just today that I am done with Kale chips. Now I want to try cooking with it.Ramona. I beleve soup will be the best recipe to try.Did your kids like it?

  14. Ramona...I SO love soup! And this is just beautiful. I love the addition of sausage, too! It looks so hearty! Hope you have a GREAT week! : )

  15. Yum, this looks so delicious! All the ingredients go so well together. I love heartier soups like this one, full of different flavors and texture, perfect for a winter day! Great recipe :)

  16. Great soup for after the holiday! I must admit I am a bit jealous. I've been wanting to use Kale recently, but haven't seen any here. Anyway, that soup really looks so good and I bet it was so hearty!


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