Friday, September 13, 2013

Fruit Salad in Watermelon Bowl

This is the last of my summer dishes before I dive into all the fall dishes I am excited to show you.  I made this fruit salad simply because I bought a mini watermelon that I thought was so cute. Looking at the watermelon, I decided also that it would make the perfect bowl.  I used the Good Cook melon baller, zester and juicers to make a quick and party ready fruit bowl.  You can add any fruit into the fruit salad as you wish... the watermelon is a must if you want to display it as the bowl.

Small seedless watermelon
**Any fruit you desire

Juice of lemon
Zest of lemon
agave or honey (if desired)
mint (optional) Recommended Good Cook tool:                                             Citrus Zester   
                                                     Citrus Reamer
                                                      Melon Baller

Cut a base for your watermelon bowl. Cut watermelon so you have a large bowl shape. Then use melon baller to scoop out watermelon.
Add all fruits into separate bowl and mix with dressing. Place back into watermelon.  Serve immediately or chill. Enjoy.

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  1. I love this!! It's adorable and delicious! Excellent!

  2. Oh,looks so fresh, the weather still perfect for this fruits salad, otherwise I like fresh fruits all year round, but water melon season almost over from now on :)

  3. This is so beautiful and fresh looking, Ramona! What an amazing appetizer/dessert this would be to take to a pool party or other summer festivities. I love it!

  4. Very pretty, Ramona. What a lovely presentation.

  5. This is so pretty! The watermelon bowl is so much better than a regular one!

  6. The moment I laid my eyes on this beautiful salad, I fell in love with its freshness and its burst of colors. i often scoop melons like this but I love the way you presented it:)

  7. This is my father's signature dish, he obsessed to make a bowl from fruits like melon, watermelon or even papaya....
    nice photograph too!

  8. Such a pretty salad! I've always wanted to do something like this. You did a fantastic job, Ramona:)

  9. Now that's a cool idea, looks delicious too!

  10. Love your blog , it looks so clean and fresh, lovely pic's and recipes. I'm your new follower, you can visit my blog when you find time :)

  11. What a bright and cheery post. Thanks for adding some sunshine to this dreary chilly day we are having.

  12. I am pretty excited about Fall, BUT this is an adorable summer dish! I will be bookmarking for that inevitable moment next March/April when I am sick of winter and want fruit (because I am never happy lol). :D

  13. Nice combo of fruits use in posted stuff, which make really presentable salad dish.
    best spicy fruit salad recipe.

  14. You should have shared the process of cutting the bowl and dressing it. I have to know because it will be my first thing to try in the kitchen. Thanks anyways for giving me the idea.

    Finn Felton

    1. Fin, To cut the bowl: 1: Wash the watermelon completely. 2. Cut a small bit off the bottom to create a base (pictured above in a photo). 3. Cut off the top 1/3 of watermelon to create the bowl. Use a melon baller to scoop out the flesh of watermelon until you have an empty bowl shape. 3. Fill with fruit. To create the skewers, just alternate the cut fruit on a wooden skewer and place inside the bowl. Hope that helps.

  15. looks perfect . Happy to follow u also view my space

  16. A small creative ideal in the kitchen will make our life more enjoyable. I love this fruit salad, love your watermelon bowl too, it's cool.

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  18. What a bright and cheery post. Thanks for adding some sunshine to this dreary chilly day we are having.

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