Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ham and Cheese Toad in a Hole/Heart


It's Valentine's Week here at Curry and Comfort and I'm treating my family to all the "loveliest" treats I can think of this week.   I made these Toad in a Holes for breakfast for my kids and they loved it.  Of course I put my own little spin on this fun breakfast by making a ham and cheese sandwich first and then turning the traditional hole into a heart.  Hope you all are having a lovely Valentine's week as well... we're expecting more snow here in our parts so it's time to snuggle up now. :)

Eggs as needed
2 slices of bread for each toad in the whole (as needed)
slices of ham as needed
sliced or shredded cheese (your favorite kind)
mustard (yellow, spicy brown or Dijon)
butter as needed

Butter the outside of each slice of bread lightly.  Then apply your favorite mustard on the inside.  Layer a slice of ham and your favorite cheese.  Top with the other slice of bread (butter on the outside).

Use a heart shaped (or circle) cookie cutter and cut out your hole for the toad.  Carefully place cut out sandwich crust in a medium low frying pay and brown one side.  Then flip over carefully.  Now crack an egg into the hole and cover frying pan with a lid .  Cook until egg gets cooked your desired doneness.   Remember to brown the inside cut out hearts or circles as well.   Serve both the egg with bread and the cut outs together.  Enjoy.

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