Sunday, February 2, 2014

Curry and Comfort's Weekly Sunday Summary 1/27/14 thru 2/2/14


Hi Everyone,

 Happy Super Bowl Sunday to all you American Football Fans!  My husband will be glued to the game today and munching on some Super Bowl food.   This week was dedicated to the Super Bowl and ended with a dish to celebrate Chinese New Year.

I am really excited because after today.. no more football and my husband won't have an excuse to sit and watch TV from Saturday to Sunday with such dedication.  Of course then there's basketball and baseball and as you can guess, he's a fan of those too.

I am also excited because we finally left Polar Vortex January behind us.  Those of you that are not familiar with what Polar Vortex means being blasted with freezing temperatures... snow.. freezing rain and just plain misery.

Happy Ground Hogs Day too!   I hope February will bring warmer (at least seasonable) temperatures.   I hope it's cloudy today so the ground hog will NOT see his shadow hence we get an early spring.  Hey, anything to leave this miserable winter behind us.

Okay on to the week in review...

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  1. Now we can really enjoy all those game day eats postings!!!

  2. I feel absolutely full after reading this :)

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  4. I read your post and got nostalgic. Our family also has a tradition of getting together for the Super Bowl. Our father was crazy about American football and he made it a tradition in our house. He has been in a better world for a long time, but we come to our parents' house to save this memory for our mother. I myself watch football in Somalia more now - My work took me to India and it turned out to be not as bad as I thought at the beginning) The locals love sports and often place bets.


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