Sunday, May 25, 2014

Curry and Comfort's Weekly Sunday Summary 5/19/14 thru 5/25/14



Happy Sunday Everyone!

 OMG... the lizards are in my garden.  Well, I'm sure they have been there... but I have not seen them until a huge dude was sunning himself on my porch.  Yesterday, I opened the door to let my mother and nephew out after a wonderful day of cooking... to have it end in a screeching mess (thanks to one person... ME)!   I was hoping that the lizards would decide my garden was too cold to live in after the extremely cold winter we had... but I guess they love my garden and now that spring has sprung... so have they! Urgh!!!

Okay... enough about them.. let's talk about something I do love... FOOD!  I shared a few of my favorite dishes from the past this wee and a new recipe for waffles.    So make sure you check them out. :)

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