Sunday, September 28, 2014

Curry and Comfort's Weekly Sunday Summary 9/22/14 thru 9/28/14


 Happy Sunday Everyone!

It's officially Fall!!

I did this a while back.. but here are my reasons for loving the fall: 

Here are my top ten reasons to love fall...

1. Beautiful fall foliage

2. Cool, mild temperatures and opening the windows again.

3. The kids go back to school :)  Mommy's got some peace at quiet at home again.

4. The flavors of fall.. pumpkin... apples... cinnamon..

5.  Halloween and all the fun decorations (not to mention candy!)

7.  Thanksgiving and all the yummy food and celebrating with family

8.  Wearing a light sweater and feeling cozy.

9.  Pumpkins.. I love them.

10.  The kids going back to school... oh.. darn.. did I mention that before.  LOL! :)

Now here's the week in review....

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