Monday, September 3, 2012

Cherry Lemonade

Summer is on the way out and with it goes one of my favorite fruits... CHERRIES.  I had to buy a few pounds of cherries to enjoy before they went out of season.  I relished them simply by popping one after another into my mouth,  but I also wanted to make something fun like this wonderfully refreshing Cherry Lemonade.   Our family loved sipping on this drink as we said goodbye to our beloved cherries.  See you next summer.

PS...Yesterday I promised I would give you my Fun Facts from the Awards I was lucky enough to be honored with and give out to my many Foodie Friends. After adding all the fun facts from the three awards together I need to write 19 fun facts. I don't think I have that many fun facts in me... but here goes...

19 Fun Facts about Me
  1. I have never ridden on a roller-coaster (by choice!)
  2. I was born on a rainy day in Sri Lanka during a black out. 
  3. When I was a kid I wanted to be a Vet, but I cannot stand the sight of blood so I had to rethink that one. 
  4. I adore Doris Day and know most of her songs and movies by heart.
  5. One of my favorite albums when I was a kid was the soundtrack to Grease.
  6. I love to get a good deal and go a little crazy when I find one. Can anyone say 24lb of sweet potatoes?
  7. My teen years were blissfully spent in the crazy 80's... 
  8. If I had a choice of shopping for clothes or kitchen/housewares... kitchen items would win every time. 
  9. I get seasick easily on small boats or ferries. Urhg....
  10. I love books and when I was a teen my first job was shelving books at our local library.
  11. One of my favorite movies is Sense and Sensibility (Emma Thompson's Jane Austen adaptation)
  12. My kids and I watched almost every episode of I Love Lucy and The Brady Bunch in the last year.
  13. When I was 5 my favorite color was orange.  
  14. I am afraid of heights and can be claustrophobic.
  15. I have ridden on the back of an elephant when I was 9 years old in Sri Lanka.
  16. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons.
  17. My favorite baked good is a chunky chocolate chip cookie.
  18. When I was a kid I did not like nuts or fruit in my savory food. Now my food tastes are so different.
  19. My name Ramona comes from a song my father used to sing titled "Ramona" sung by Jim Reeves.  He sang it the entire time my mother was expecting me and drove her nuts. 

Okay... that was hard to do, but I managed to squeeze out 19.

Now onto my Cherry Lemonade....

2 cups fresh cherries
1 cup fresh lemon juice
1 cup simple syrup (or to taste)
5 cups water or club soda

Ingredients for simple syrup:
1 cup sugar
1 cup water

Make simple syrup by bringing water and sugar to a simmer until sugar is fully dissolved.  Allow to cool.

Pit cherries then juice them by putting them through blender.  Strain through wire mess. Mix with lemon juice, simple syrup and water or for a fizzy drink add club soda.  Serve chilled or over ice.  Enjoy. 

Recipe adapted from Food Network/Paula Deen

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  1. Wow, that looks sooo good! Cherries are one of my favorite fruits but they are extremely expense here in Florida!

  2. Loved to read more about you. A couple of those points I can relate to as well - your choice of movie, shopping preference and good deals...LOL

    Beautiful photos again, my talented friend. :)

  3. Love your facts! I am also terrified of heights! Thanks for nominating me for an award too!

    Oh, and this lemonade is just fabulous and your photos are wonderful!!

  4. One of my bucket list items is to ride an elephant. I love those creatures. I also love a good deal. When I score one I have to tell everyone I meet. My husband ends up hearing the same story many times over.

  5. Oh Ramona! Your pictures of this cherry limeade are just stunning!! Especially the first one! :)

  6. this looks wonderful beautiful pictures lovely to know fun facts about you

  7. What a beautiful looking lemonade my friend, I adore the colour and of course your photography :)
    It was fantastic to learn more about you too :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  8. Recently I made lavender lemonade: and I would love to ride on an elephant in Sri Lanka!

  9. I LOVED the 19 facts about you!!! I can't believe you and your kids watched every episode of I Love Lucy and the Brady bunch. They must have liked them if they set through them all! Crazy girl!!! Love the cherry lemonade. Oh - I'll miss fresh cherries - until next year. Have a fabulous week!

  10. Magazine quality pictures once again and love your fun facts. Did anyone happen to get a picture of you on the elephant?

  11. Ramona, this looks so wonderful. I am not ready for summer to go; I feel as though I am just getting started with it. I am in complete agreement with you shopping--kitchen wares instead of Terri wears, EVERY TIME! Your photos are so beautiful. Love the one with the three cherries against the dark wood. Gorgeous.

    1. Hot dog! I just saw that you made it on to Foodgawker. Congratulations.

  12. Oh, Ramona, I absolutely love your pictures!!! I still can't master well lit "dark" photography. This lemonade looks wonderful! And I love your facts! While I do love roller coasters, I would always buy kitchen stuff too, and I hate heights as well. I hope you have a good one!

  13. Beautiful cherry lemonade pictures! I'm getting thirsty by just looking at them. Thanks for sharing your facts! It's always fun to read others' but it's very hard to come up with some unique facts. You did a great job!

  14. That is just beautiful! I love the color, and it sounds so refreshing. Wish I still had cherries in my store!

  15. This makes me love you even more than before. And that was alot.


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