Friday, October 26, 2012

Lemon Rice

 I made this dish almost a month ago when I had a surplus of lemons in my life.  It's a bright and fragrant dish that makes a wonderful side dish for any meal or can be eaten with a rice and curry meal.

2 1/2 cups uncooked basmati rice (I used brown basmati)
4-5 cups water or chicken broth (as needed)
1 heaping tsp turmeric powder
2-3 Tbs of butter or margarine
1 medium onion chopped
10-12 curry leaves
2-3 pandan leaves
1 stalk lemon grass bruised and sliced into 1 inch pieces 
4 cloves
4 green cardamom pods
2-3 cloves garlic grated
1 inch ginger grated
1 Tbs black mustard seeds
1 tsp lemon rind
Juice one lemon(about 3 Tbs juice)
salt to taste

First wash rice well and allow to drain dry. Then heat a large pan and melt butter.  Next add curry leaves, pandan leaves, lemongrass, mustard seeds, cardamoms and cloves and fry for 1 minute.  Then add chopped onion, salt and turmeric powder and fry until until they become softened.   Add washed rice and lemon rind into pan and saute with all ingredients for 2-3 minutes.
Transfer to a rice cooker and add lemon juice and water or chicken broth.  Taste water for salt and lemon flavor. Adjust to taste.  Cook in rice cooker until rice is tender.  Fluff with a fork and serve.

Note:  If  you do not have a rice cooker, cook in a pot with a lid.  Bring rice and liquid to a boil on high heat.  Then lower the heat to a low setting on your stove and simmer rice for about 20 minutes with lid on.  Then turn stove off and leave cover for 5-10 minutes undisturbed.  Fluff and serve.   

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  1. wow very tempting recipe,luks gr8!

  2. Ramona, this is what I call Comfort food and ready in a jiffy!! Looks awesome!

  3. Yum, I love all things rice. Lemon rice is so tangy and yummy!

  4. Gosh, I could almost smell it from here! Lovely!

  5. It looks amazing. I love lemon anything. Now I just need to find a chicken to make along side it!

  6. i like that,and i think it's very delicious....

  7. I love lemon rice. Such a simple forgiving recipe. I just wrote a post about coconut rice. I am so glad that there are lots of easy rice recipes in South Indian cuisine.

  8. Love this soup!! I have never tried it with curry leaves...something I really need to do!

  9. There is no such thing as too many lemons--one of my staple ingredients. Love the color on this!

  10. I think lemons are simply one of the greatest ingredients in the world :D


  11. What a nice flavorful rice, Ramona! This year I got hooked with lemongrass... this rice has it? Must be SUPER delicious!!!

  12. This is not your typical lemon rice - it's got too much flavor with all of those herbs and spices! I make a very simple rice with preserved lemons that I love, but next time I make it I'll be adding all of your wonderful spices and curry leaves! :) Hope you're having a great weekend.

  13. Now that our moving date is inching nearer, I've been on a mission to clean out my pantry and use up open spices. This rice is totally goning on the dinner rotation this week. I have every one of those spices and even the lemon grass in the fridge. Thanks for the recipe!

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