Monday, July 15, 2013

2 Ingredient Chocolate Mousse made with with Tofu

 Did I write that correctly... yes.. I said Tofu.  I also said it was made with only two ingredients.  My kids watched me make this super easy chocolate mousse with amazement and a bit of suspicion.   Their biggest question and will I make tofu taste like mousse?  Well, tofu has no taste at all... so I used it only for it's creamy texture.  The chocolate did all the flavoring here.  I let this mousse set overnight and when I pulled it out to take my photos, I had kids clamoring to eat it  right away.  This was one rich, decadent and delicious chocolate mousse.  It was made with tofu... so maybe it's a bit healthy too.  All I know is tofu has become my new favorite ingredient to make dessert... it's time to play with it.

1 container silken tofu drained (silken tofu is necessary for the light creamy texture)
1 package of chocolate chip morsels (see note)

Note:  If you want a sweeter mousse use milk chocolate, a more dark chocolate mousse, use semi-sweet chips.  If you still desire more sugar flavor add agave nectar to sweeten or sugar.

Melt chocolate morsels over double boiler until smooth.

Blend drained silken tofu until creamy in blender.  Pour melted chocolate and blend until well combined. 

Pour into individual cups or serving dish.  Chill overnight to set.  Serve with whipped cream.  Enjoy. 

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