Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Broccoli Salad

 This recipe is courtesy of my sister-in-law, Jan.  I never had broccoli salad until she made it for one of our family functions years ago.  Since then we always ask her to bring it because we love it so much.  I have never really tried to make it on my own, but I asked her for the recipe and it was so easy that I will not need to wait for the next family gathering to enjoy this great salad.   Jan always makes her version with raisins, but since my son does not like raisins, I swapped it out for some sweet yellow bell pepper.  You can do either or both... because it's great both ways.  This is one salad that is welcome on my table anytime.  Thanks Jan!

3 cups chopped broccoli
1/2 cup soft raisins (optional)
2-3 Tbs of finely chopped bell yellow pepper (optional)
4-5 slices bacon crispy and crumbled
2 Tbs chopped onion

1/2 cup mayonnaise
1 tsp white vinegar
1 Tbs sugar
salt and black pepper to taste

Mix dressing and set aside.  Prepare bacon and allow to cool.  Prepare all other vegetables as needed. Dress broccoli salad with dressing and bacon.  Chill for 1 hour before serving.  Enjoy.

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  1. That's an awesome way to enjoy broccoli.. Tempting :)

  2. Please extend my thank to your sis-in-law for telling you about this recipe, so that we all learn this from you. Broccoli salad is the healthiest thing I can eat with a smile, I guess. The mayo makes it more appealing!

  3. This looks awesome! I so enjoy broccoli salads!

  4. This is probably my favorite way to eat broccoli! I like your addition of yellow pepper. Yum!

  5. Broccoli definitely doesn't get enough attention this time of year, but I love it! It's so crisp and refreshing, and with these fabulous flavors I bet it makes for a really delicious salad. Great recipe!

  6. It is broccoli season now in Australia and love to make the nice and easy for my family.

  7. Oh Ramona....this is a GREAT recipe and thanks to Jan for sharing it, too! I can't believe I'm saying this...but broccoli is the favorite vegetable of my boys! So I'm always looking for different things to do with it. This salad is a perfect summer side. But I intend on doing exactly what you did....swapping out the raisins for yellow/orange/red bell peppers! Beautiful! : )

  8. I think we're going to have this very soon. My family wouldn't eat the raisins either so I will substitute peppers also. I don't think it's going to be around long.

  9. Oh, yeah. How I love this stuff! I usually sub craisins, but I love the idea of peppers!!! Time to make a batch!

  10. I don't know why I haven't had broccoli salad either. It is one of my veggies. Everything sounds so good and the colors are so pretty.

  11. I made this today and it is fantastic!


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