Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cayenne Pepper Sauce Swirled Bacon Cornbread Muffins


We are a spice loving family.  My kids have been eating spicy food since they were small and one of their favorite sauces is Frank's RedHot Cayenne Pepper Sauce.    I was so excited when I was sent Cooking with Frank's RedHot Cayenne Pepper Sauce by Rachael Rappaport because it's all about dishes I can create with Frank's RedHot.  It's amazing all the appetizers, snacks, breakfasts, lunches, entrees, side dishes, dips, and even sweet dishes you can make with Frank's RedHot.  

This book is full of beautiful colorful photos that help you really get excited about the recipes.  I have tried several and they all are fun to make and really fun and delicious to eat. 

Today I made the  Cayenne Pepper Sauce Swirled Bacon Cornbread Muffins with my kids.  This recipe was definitely bookmarked as soon as I got the book because it had Frank's RedHot and bacon put together.  Talk about a fun recipe to eat for breakfast, as a snack or the perfect side with a big bowl of soup or chili.  My kids and husband simply loved it.  

You will definitely enjoy trying all the 65 sizzling recipes in the book. 

Recipe Excerpt from  Cooking with Frank's RedHot Cayenne Pepper Sauce by Rachael Rappaport
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  1. What a great cookbook? I am still on a no spicy kick but mu husband would be eating these muffins up. So enough I will be back in the game.

  2. I have been using Frank's RedHot Sauce for years and always have a bottle on hand. These muffins would go over big time and my house.

  3. I could eat a dozen of these in one sitting!

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