Sunday, March 8, 2015

Curry and Comfort's Weekly Sunday Summary 3/2/15 thru 3/8/15



 Happy Sunday Everyone!
Is spring here yet?  I really want to see daffodils and tulips springing out of the ground soon.  All I see right now are mounds of snow every where I look.  I have had it with the snow.  Yes, snow is beautiful because everything gets blanketed in a "powdered sugar" world.  Then again it's a beast because it's COLD and you have to still function in the world and dig yourself out.  My poor shovel has had a rough year so far.

Okay enough of about the weather.  Let's talk about something more interesting... Food!  I had a great week of food for you to try out this week.  We started with amazing blueberry ricotta pancakes and ended with a super healthy fish dish.  The food was all comforting and well deserved after all the shoveling. 

Have a great week and here is my week in review:

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  1. It was sunny and 42 in CT today. The birds were chirping. Definitely a day I needed. Hope Spring is coming soon for all of us!

  2. My sister lives in New York and every day or so sends me a photo that says, "It's STILL winter." She says she does it to help me cool down in the summer but I think she's complaining. I'm in love with those blueberry filled pancakes.

  3. curry is a nice spice...thanks for sharing dear..


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