Sunday, January 22, 2012

Asian Soba Noodle Vegetable Lo Mein

 I can eat rice morning, noon and night; but sometimes even this rice lover can use a change. That's just what I thought of when I spotted soba noodles while I walked through my local Asian Grocery Store.  I have been wanting to try soba noodles because they are prepared with buckwheat flour.  So when I brought home some precooked soba noodles, I had to think about what dish to make with it.  Dinner time was approaching so I decided not to experiment today and just go for a quick vegetable lo mein. Although this is a vegetarian dish, you can stir fry some meat or seafood with the noodles or bump up the protein with tofu as well.  You can also use spaghetti pasta (semolina or whole grain) if you cannot find soba noodles.

1lb of noodles cooked almost to al dente (soba or spaghetti)
1 cup of grated or julienned carrots
1/2 cup of sliced celery
2 cups of white cabbage sliced
1-2 inches of fresh ginger grated on minced
3-4 garlic cloves minced or grated
1/4 of soy sauce (or to taste)
1tsp of sesame oil
1/4 cup of chicken stock (or water/bullion equivalent)
chili flakes to taste
Spring Onions or Scallions sliced to garnish

Optional Ingredients: Thin strips of beef, chicken, pork, whole cleaned shrimp or cubed firm tofu.

Note: al dente means pasta cooked so as to be still firm when bitten.  The noodles will continue to cook in the stir fry. If you use precooked soba like I did here, soak in some warm water to soften up before use.

Step 1:  Prepare your noodles to 1 minute shy of al dente. Prepare your vegetables and all seasoning elements.

Heat a wok on high heat and add 2Tbs of canola oil.  Once heated add your ginger and garlic.  Stir fry for 30-45 seconds. *if were going to add meat, seafood or tofu do it next and stir fry for a few minutes.  Then add your carrots, celery and cabbage.

Once your vegetables soften a bit, add your chili flakes, sesame oil, soy sauce and chicken broth.   Then add your noodles and toss with all the ingredients. Stir fry for 2-3 minutes and taste for seasoning.  Your lo mein is done and you can turn off the stove. Serve hot. Enjoy.
Garnish with spring onions if desired.

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