Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Savory Sweet Potato Pancakes

I have a hard time getting excited about breakfast most days.  If I had a choice between a sweet breakfast or a savory one, I would pick a savory one every time.  Cold cereal, pancakes with syrup, french toast... they really don't entice me. I am not that keen on bacon and eggs because I crave something spicy... yes even in the morning for breakfast.!  I was thrilled to make these savory pancakes to solve my breakfast dilemma.  It actually solved two dilemmas because I also finished up my last few sweet potatoes from my 24lb purchase a while back.  These savory sweet potato pancakes are fabulous for a person like me on a cold winter's morning for breakfast, but they can be eaten for lunch, dinner or a snack.  I actually just ate mine with some butter because they are so packed with flavor, but you can also eat it with some vegetable or meat curry.  I think this was a great way to round up my sweet potato craze.  Now it's time to go buy more. :)

2 cups boiled mashed sweet potatoes
2 cloves of garlic grated
1 inch of fresh grated ginger
1 small onion finely chopped
1-2 green chilies finely chopped (seeded for less heat)
1tsp of cumin seeds crushed (I used a mortar and pestle)
red chili flakes to taste
 salt or seasoning salt to taste
1 1/2 cups of whole wheat flour
1 1/2 cups of all purpose flour
3tsp of baking powder
1 1/2 tsp of baking soda
3 eggs
3 cups buttermilk
1 cup regular (cow's) milk
butter for frying

 Get the mashed sweet potatoes and savory ingredients together.  Then sift your flours and baking powder/soda.  Add your milk and eggs and use a spoon to mix into a batter.

 Heat a skillet on medium heat and melt some butter. I melted about 2-3Tbs of butter and put it into a dish so I could easily butter the pan between pancakes.  Pour your batter into the skillet to cook like you would a regular pancake. I used a 1/2 measuring cup to try to make the same size pancakes. 
 Flip and cook both sides well.  Serve with butter, curry etc..  Makes 12-15 large pancakes. Serves 6-8 people.  Enjoy

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  1. I haven't had potato pancakes in so long, this looks delish! Thanks for sharing, have a good one! =]

  2. Also not a big fan of sweet breakfast, although I have to say homemade bread and jam is becoming a favorite. Your pancakes though look very appetizing!

  3. Oh wow - never had sweet potato pancakes (or anything baked sweet potato - aaah, I want to try, but I suck at baking!) but I lvoe sweet potatoes with ginger. These look liek I could eat a ton of them :) Well done Ramona!

  4. Perfect for breakfast. My family like more a savory breakfast than a sweet one, so this come perfect for us.

  5. YUMMO..Thanks for the recipe..This looks mouthwatering..I have bookmarked it..


  6. there was a similar recipe I found a few years ago, that was a South African recipe and it was delicious. I love sweet potato and/or pumpkin pancakes - I am sure these are delish!

  7. There isn't much more I can say to this besides YUM! I really want to try these.

  8. These are packed to the gills with flavor! I am with you and usually grab something savory for breakfast versus something sweet. My hubs is the pancake maker in our house...I wonder if I could convince him to make these? :-)

  9. I made the sweet version few days ago and we loved it. But I am positive that yours is much better! Bookmarked and buzzed!

  10. I am with you on the savory breakfast--these look amazing!

  11. These are absolutely delicious! What an amazing spicy, savory pancake! I have to say - I think these would be delicious with lunch...a bit of mayo and turkey and lunch is served! Beautifully done, as always, Ramona!

  12. I make potato pancakes and even zucchini pancakes but never sweet potato pancakes. Those sound even better than the others and so healthy with all those ingredients that you've added.

    I'll be making these the next time I have sweet potatoes in the house. Thanks for sharing.

  13. this z really yummy.........luv the flavor

  14. These sound fabulous, Ramona!! I'd much rather have these for breakfast, too!

  15. I am so with you! I love savory things in the morning. These look great. Can't wait to try them! :)

  16. Oh Ramona, wish I had seen these earlier. well, who says we can't have pancakes for dinner?

  17. Congrats on finishing off those potatoes! These pancakes look delish!

  18. How cool! I love the idea of a savory sweet pancake. I never order pancakes for breakfast cause I always want something savory to go along with it too. This is perfect I love the jalapenos too!

  19. The sweet and the heat are perfect together. I could eat these any time of the day.


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