Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thai Ginger Pork Curry

Rachael Ray cannot cook without her EVOO (extra virgin olive oil).  I feel at a loss without onions, garlic and fresh ginger!   I know most of you are very familiar with onions and garlic... but do you know how wonderful fresh ginger is?   I buy fresh ginger in volume because it goes in almost all my Asian dishes, plus it's so good for you too.  I really wanted give this dish some wonderful ginger flavor so I used 3 whopping tablespoons of coarsely grated ginger and it's still not enough in my opinion.  If you are not a friend of fresh ginger, become acquainted with it.  You may soon want to buy it bulk too.  I have some helpful tips and hints about storing ginger at the bottom of the post so you too can have ginger in your life all year long too.

PS.. I mentioned Rachael Ray at the beginning of this post because she is the one that first gave the idea about freezing ginger. So thanks to her my life is "ginger-full". :)

1lb of lean pork sliced into strips
1 cup of chopped fresh tomatoes (or grape tomatoes)
3 Tbs of fresh minced/coarsely grated ginger
3 cloves of garlic minced
1 medium onion coarsely chopped
1-2 green chilies sliced
1 cup of coconut milk
1/4 cup of fish sauce
1 Tbs of soy sauce
1/4 cup water
red chili flakes to taste
black pepper to taste
large handful of fresh Thai basil leaves

You can add any vegetables you like to the curry. I added:
1/4 lb of snow peas
1 cup of shredded bamboo shoots (drained from a can)
1 cup of sliced water chestnuts (drained from a can)
You can add broccoli, zucchini, bell peppers etc...


 Add 1 Tbs of canola oil into a wok and get heated on high heat. Then add your fresh ginger and allow to fry for about 30 seconds to flavor the oil.
Then add your green chili, garlic and pork to the wok and stir fry for a few minutes until the pork is almost cooked.
Next add your chili flakes, black pepper, tomatoes, fish sauce,water and soy sauce.  Stir fry a few minutes.  Add  your onions and vegetables and fry for a few more minutes. If you use grape tomatoes, pop them so they cook down.

 Finally add your coconut milk and Thai Basil leaves.  I also added my snow peas last because I wanted them to retain their crunch.  Taste for seasoning.  Serve with rice.
Serves 4.  Enjoy.

Tips for storing ginger:

To store your fresh ginger, peel the skin and put in a freezer safe ziploc bag. Then use a mini grater or microplan grater to grate the ginger into recipes. It grates beautifully and you avoid getting big pieces in ginger in your dishes. I also use the microplan grater to grate my garlic as well.

Note: This is a picture of frozen ginger that's more than 3 months old in the freezer. It's still picture perfect and tastes great.

To make Asian cooking even easier try making this ginger-garlic paste

Ginger-Garlic Paste

Equal parts ginger and garlic. Some canola oil.

Directions:   Put all items into a food processor and blend until coarsely ground. 

 Store in an air-tight container in the fridge for about 1-2 weeks

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  1. This curry looks delicious with the ginger! And healthy too!

  2. Hi Ramona. Thank you for the welcome back. I appreciate it.

    I love the vibrant colours in this dish.

    I'm a real fan of fresh ginger. I always try to keep a piece of root ginger in the fridge. It's so useful for nipping a sore throat in the bud by eating it raw, or quelling nausea if soaked in boiling water and drunk like a tea. It's nature's medicine :-)

  3. That garlic-ginger paste is, how do you say, awesome!!! What an amazing dish. My kind of food.

  4. We dont eat pork, may b can substitute with beef....lovely dish

  5. I love fresh ginger :) I always have some in my fridge!
    This, as always, looks wonderful. Sometime I'll have to abduct you for a week and just have you make me curry after curry after curry ;)

  6. Wow, I want to eat everything you make! I adore ginger and this dish looks so flavorful and delicious.

  7. This sounds fabulous...I'm drooling over that ginger garlic paste!

  8. Yum! Of course because pork is SO expensive here, I would have to do chicken, but I think the flavors seem so good that the subsitution wouldn't matter!

  9. Ramona I am drooling this loos so delicious!

  10. I LOVE ginger! Thanks for the great tips on storing it. I never knew it would freeze well!

  11. This recipe looks amazing! I may just have to try this for dinner one night next week. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Beautiful dish, Ramona! And I love your storage tips for ginger...I will freeze what's in my fridge before it shrivels up :)

  13. Fresh ginger really does make all the difference, doesn't it? I only use the powdered stuff when a baking recipe specifically requires it. Gorgeous curry!

  14. YOUR PHOTOS ARE INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! This looks mouth-watering.

  15. This looks soooooo good Ramona! I love ginger and the color of the curry is beautiful!

  16. Wow,look at the color,looks perfect I can smell curry spice ,i don't eat pork but i do love chicken curry :)

  17. I love pork and I love curry - this looks like a very comforting dinner!

  18. What a delicious curry. I can eat Thai curry everyday. This one looks superb!!!

  19. So many pretty photos. I like ginger but only in small doses. I still use the dried stuff but am hoping to branch out a bit in the new year. The sauce in this dish looks very very tempting.

  20. This looks absolutely amazing. As I said to another blogger earlier, you had me at curry :-D I could easily live on different varieties of curry dishes and this one sounds stupendous!

  21. YUM, Ramona! I love, Love, LOVE fresh ginger and use it frequently -there is something so....BRIGHT about the taste! Your curry looks delicious! Thank you for the storage tips...I always keep mine in the fridge - I guess I'll be moving it to the freezer!

  22. I cook a lot with onions and garlic. Your ginger pork curry looks wonderful. Nice photos.

  23. That looks so good. Thai curries are my favorite (though don't tell any Indian aunties that).

  24. You make the best meals ever! Every one of them look amazing and I'm sure taste like heaven! I want to come over and eat dinner with you one day, haha :) This looks like another beautiful dish Ramona, that pork looks soooo good!

  25. That looks good! And simple given the absence o all the usual pastes. I should give it a try!

  26. I really love the storing ginger tip...

  27. Looks just wonderful and I was pleased to see you too freeze your ginger!! I do not peel if first, just pop it in the freezer wrapped in plastic or in a zip lock bag, the skin scrapes right off and it keeps so much better and is so easy to grate when frozen. Great minds, ha ha......buzzed you.

  28. Yummy, this looks so good. Thanks for the tip, now I can stop throwing out shriveled ginger!

  29. I always freeze my ginger too! It makes it last so much longer and makes it easier to grate into recipes as well =) Your curry sounds really delicious!

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